July 6, 2015

Gratitude List & Link up

 My Gratitude List for the Link up
  •   Gratitude for the Lady who tailored my daughter’s clothes; with a beautiful design
  • Gratitude for David my husband who helped me clearing all the clutter and dust from the kitchen and helped me sort out unwanted utensils.
  • Gratitude for the lovely Hindi movie, called “Dil Dhadkne Do” (which means Let the Heat Beat)  a comedy film by Zoya Akthar. I watched with my daughter and my  neighbour at a theatre, and had lot of fun.
Thanks to Google for this pic
  • Gratitude for one of David’s friend who sent some curry made of chicken and drumstick.
  • Gratitude for my nephew who stopped by to say Hi and brought whole lot of snacks for us.
  •  Grateful for the fruit vendor for supplying regularly sweet mangoes for us in the last two weeks, we are having a great time relishing the tasty mangoes.
  • Grateful for my husband David, being an ex service man – I was able to visit the army canteen to pick up a some cosmetics for me & my daughter, which we get at a subsidized rates.
  • I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the 3 day quote challenge…thanks to Shilpa for nominating me…
  • I am also thankful to the bloggers who inspire me on a regular basis.
  • I am grateful for having participated in a community celebration on the International Day against substance abuse and illicit trafficking along with the other Non Governmental organizations.
Sharing information on substance abuse
This programme was to bring in awareness on Drug abuse and its impact on family & community. Also links the victims to the doctor, and all the other service centres to rehabilitate and help sustain them from addictions.
Chief Guest, Dr George Reddy Psychiatrist, Healthy Brain,
Members of the YWCA & Leaders of the community 
  • I am healthy, happy and grateful continuing my routine work with love
  • I am glad to take every opportunity to grow, learn and explore my capacities..
  • I am grateful to Laurel  http://www.alphabetsalad. comfort giving me this opportunity to exercise and share my gratitude on my blog...


  1. Aha! There's always so much to be thankful for. Glad that you have love and support of your family and friends. I have to watch Dil Dhadakne Do. Hope to watch it soon. Thanks for the mention and thanks for taking up the quote challenge, Genevive ♥

    1. Thanks shilpa, it only makes me happy to see so many things to be grateful for .. I say go ahead for the Dil Dhadakne ... its worth watching, and you will enjoy the comedy, thanks for being here, I appreciate you...


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