December 7, 2013


Tomorrow is the 10th birthday of my Emmanuel, our son.  We would have celebrated it with great joy, inviting his friends, cutting a cake, taking him to the church; I can see him smile while I write these few lines.

Birthday’s have always been special in our family, and Emmanuel loved celebrations, he would be so happy to see his friends, smiling away, singing for him, clapping hands as he would cut the cake.

It’s difficult to believe he is no more, and 7th was his last birthday with us, and today we are planning for his birthday for tomorrow, a cake will be cut and it will be shared with a few children.

Time passes so quickly, already 3 years since he is gone, memories are fresh, learning’s are plenty, I have learnt to cherish every moment and have opened myself to love, to be loved and to take one day at a time. 

Death is a great reminder to me, that there is so much more to accomplish.  I am sad & happy – sad because Emmanuel is not present to cut the cake, happy because I believe he is in a better place, and all of us one day have to leave this place.

I want to be Grateful because I am not alone; I have a lovely daughter, a caring husband and so many loveable friends and meaningful work to carry on. I am reminding myself of these inspiring and beautiful quotes to enrich my life …

"Each moment ends the instant it begins, if you don't see this, you will not see what is exquisite in it, and you will call the moment ordinary. Each interaction "begins to end' the instant it 'begins to begin." Only when this is truly contemplated and deeply understood does the full treasure of every moment-and of life itself-open to you."
~Conversations with God

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