December 29, 2013

A Special Day in My Life !

Its special because I was born this day to my parents, and welcomed by my brothers and sisters in a large family of 7 members. I was the eight child, and my mother used to tell me that I looked like a japanese baby, very small, wheatish colour and a round face.  

I grew up celebrating my birthday, as my mother was very particular, as she knew  all the children’s birthday  by heart.  So Birthdays have always been special in our family.

Today I continue to celebrate myself, thanking God, my Parents, my brothers, sisters, in laws and all the extended family members relatives and friends who have shared so many of my birthdays in my life. 

Every birthday,  was unique and special  and there was always a new  dress with all the accessories to match, and then special food and a delicious cake and all the lovable people surrounding me, acknowledging my presence and appreciating me in their own ways.

Even as a little child I remember my brother Danny taking me on his cycle for the early morning mass at St Mary’s church, Secunderabad, and  he would be instructed by my parents that I be blessed by the priest after the service. Then he would take me to nearby garden restaurant hotel and buy me cup cakes (which used to attractively decorated for the season).

I cherish and remember so many gifts that I would collect – plenty of cards, flowers,  some of the cards are still with me of my friends, junk jewelry  to match my clothes, inspiring books with signature of my friends,  colleagues and well wishers.   Since I loved music, there is also a small collection of cassettes and CD’s of TamilHindi and English.

Today I dug an old necklace made with pearls which is almost 25years old and wore it to the church. My daughter was the first one to greet me  in the middle of the night at 1 a.m. making all noises, followed by my husband and niece Rachel.

My friends already started small mini celebrations, a few days before at my office, and also at a small gathering of my women friends. I am grateful to God for all the love, acceptance and good wishes I receive from all those around me.

Today I was also surprised by a few long distance calls from some old friends, who brought in beautiful memories of my life.

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Today I feel a lot more richer, content, comfortable, happy, blessed and above all in harmony with myself and everything around me ! I am filled with a lot of gratitude ! Glad to be alive, I wish myself a very happy and a meaningful year a head of me .....

Be Blessed &Be Happy!

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  1. Wishing you a year filled with joy and many blessings. Glad you had an awesome birthday.

    1. Thanks suzy ! nice to hear and wish you also a great year ahead !

  2. Birthdays are indeed special. Glad that you are having such a wonderful one with family and friends. Have a great day, Genevive and a fabulous year ahead! Stay blessed always :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa, feel honoured to get so many wishes on this day, I am happy to celebrate, feel a lot more richer, thank you for inspiring me ...


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