November 20, 2013

A letter of Gratitude to my Body

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I stumbled upon a magazine called” infinithoughts” The cover page was attractive, so I just started flipping through the pages, I found an article on being grateful to our bodies, which was very interesting and inspiring too. The author explains, so often we take our bodies for granted.  At the end of the Para, the author encourages everyone to try writing a letter to their bodies. So this is an attempt I am making in writing a gratitude note to my body.

Dear Body,

I am a little nervous today to write this note to you, as this is my first letter to you in my life time. Being a grateful person I want to acknowledge your contribution to my life, since inception. You have been a great source of strength to me, highly friendly and extremely accommodative.  Despite the fact that I have been very careless, insensitive, and complacent to your signals.

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You have always been very authentic and honest with me, telling me frankly what you liked and what you don’t like, you have done your best to keep me going, even if I was not listening to you. I filled  and stuffed you with unnecessary things, which you found it difficult to digest, and stored it where ever you found place to store the trash.

I neglected you so much, by not exercising, eating junk food  because I found it attractive and tasty. I used to clear up the plate of my kids, because I did not want to waste food. I took comfort in filling up my stomach whenever I was upset, disturbed and bored, instead of dealing with the issues that caused problem to my mind.  Thus increased my waist size, causing you discomfort, putting pressure on my heart, and turned you into a fat and obese body.

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Still you remained my best and close  friend, helping me with all that I wanted to do in my life – I could do all my work independently, taking care of the needs of my family, also could take up a career, and be involved in work that brought in meaning to my life. 

So often I failed in my commitments to you: I have promised so many times to eat healthy food, and to continue my walks, to meditate daily and to drink plenty of water only to fall back again to binge eating, lethargy and procrastination. 

Despite all this you have always been my great friend and very consistent in giving me the joy of being healthy and alive.  I travelled quite a distance in my life, making lot of mistakes, in understanding you and loving you.  Today I take a public pledge to honor you, love you, accept you and do everything for you till the end of my life. 

Thanks for being my body, and thank you for responding to me even now. I am beginning to feel the difference today, as I continue with my yoga class’s everyday (this 25th November, 2013 – it will be 3 months since I am regularly practicing yoga).

I have changed my diet and have started counting calories, with the help of my yoga classmates, and committed myself for preparing and eating healthy food to keep you happy and sound.  I am also meditating and reciting affirmations to appreciate your presence in my life, and have started taking a lot of water (I was told that we need to take water according to our weight –for every 25kgs 1 litre water is required, so accordingly we need to calculate and take that much).

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Apart from all the above, I have learnt to keep my mind positive, and to look for the best in the worst situations in life, and live a life of Gratitude 24/7!!

My special thanks to Google for the lovely images, which was so very relevant for my post. 

I am filled with a lot of gratitude to you today!!

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