August 31, 2013

SEVEN FAVOURITE Affirmations I Practice

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words  
This is my First Post 


I want to begin this SEVEN day challenge with 7 favorite affirmations I practice regularly, and I am grateful to the author Louise Hay, the author of You can Heal yourself.” Here goes my favorites:

1. I am completely at peace with myself and the universe
This is affirmation reduces a lot of my anxiety and fear, it also helps me to be calm and steady pushing me to continue my work with ease and comfort both at home and at my workplace, so I love this affirmation and I keep repeating this to myself.

2. I love and accept myself as I am
This is another beautiful affirmation that helps me to focus on myself, and prevents me from comparing myself with others.  I feel good when I affirm myself with this statement; it reminds me of my ever evolving self, irrepeatable in the history of time.

3. Fear is only a feeling and it cannot harm me, nor hold me back
This affirmation reminds me that I need not fear, for fear is only a temporary feeling, and I will not hold myself back because of fear.  I shall open myself to new ways of learning in my life.

4. I trust the process of life to do me greatest good
This affirmation is a perfect one to help me feel secure, reduces my speed, helps me relax: I repeat this and gain inner strength to trust in the divine.

5. I am happy, healthy and energetic
This affirmation prevents me from falling sick, getting bored and relieves me from unnecessary worries, tension and stress. Its also the secret of my smiling face and an optimistic attitude.

6. All my relationships are loving and harmonious
This helps me to surround myself with people who and care, it also leads me to see the world without an enemy and holds every relationship of mine in peace. Enables me to attract people who are loving and peaceful.

7. I open myself to the abundance and richness of the Universe.
This is a very powerful affirmation, that tells me there is enough and more for everyone in this world, and I will get everything that I require, this promotes abundant mentality, and removes the lack from our lives. It has also contributed to my  financially stable and healthy life.

 Wishing all my friends a great start !


  1. Now that is a set of affirmations that I hope I can live up to.

    1. Thanks for your comments ! wish you the very best..

  2. Great positive affirmations to adopt and practice G. Thanks for sharing these and giving some good for thought! :)

    1. Nice to connect with you shilpa .. .. hope to be in touch, thanks for stopping by !

  3. great things to live by


  4. Thanks & appreciate you for stopping by !

  5. An inspiring post Angela.Wish i could adhere to half of these gems :)


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