December 4, 2020

#WATWB- Helping People Reach Clinic for Treatment

“The measure of Man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has but the number of people he serves: John Hagee

I came across a good Samaritan who lost his friend and business partner after twenty years during this pandemic in the month of June. Mahender was very disturbed as he could not digest the fact that his friend Mirza Jaffar could not visit the doctor, due to fear of COVID 19 and he could not save him from COVID10. The fear was so much that by the time his friend agreed to visit the doctor it was very late.

Mahender Reddy states that he and his family too were contracted with COVID 19. But he sought treatment and were cured. He realized more than the virus it was fears that was killing people and they were not going for treatment. He felt there is stigma and discrimination attached to COVID and people are afraid to even come out and help and support each other, even the very close friends are frightened to take their near and dear ones to the hospital.

These experiences led Mahender Reddy to reach out to those around hime and he offered people a ride to the clinic where he himself has taken treatment.He rides them to the clinic and sometimes even pay for the patients treatment, some people offer money for giving them the ride but he refuses as he does it for free and he wants to help people is passionate about reaching out to those in need.

Mahender Reddy is an example of those who shine in the darkness, with courage and commitment to help the patients motivating them and enabling them to make a decision to take medical help.

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May this post inspire us to spread light in darkness !!

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