December 31, 2019

December Gratitude 2019

The last month of the year December has come to a close – breaking forth into a new dawn of another bright, brand New Year 2020!

So much to be grateful for not only for this month, that gave opportunity to travel – giving me and our family a short needed break to be by ourselves, get in touch with our lives and with faith spend some quiet time in the church and at the sea – enjoying what life has been offering us and paying homage to the almighty.

This month always remains my favorite, not only because it’s Christmas my favorite festival, but also because my birthday that falls in the end of the month. The month got a bit stressful due to the upcoming wedding of my nephew Sam also my God son – lot of planning and preparation as the wedding is scheduled for 8th January, 2020.

I am glad for a lot of good things for this year, but also sad that a lot of people who were with us in the beginning of the year are no longer with us in our journey in life. I am grateful for so much of progress on both personal and professional front- for all the experiences, for the Learnings and for the good health of mind and body, the ability to give, share and spend money is all part of the blessings of  life.

I am glad we did take breaks at Mumbai, Khandala and attended wedding at Chennai and at the end of the year we spent a couple of days at  the Velankanni shrine, and silently praying …. Glad was able to keep to my gratitude posts for this whole of 2019.

Here’s some flashback of 2019 J

Food was always in plenty - am blessed everyday:) with variety.

Friends ,colleagues, classmates kept me healthy & energetic:)

Some special moments to cheer and get away from the routine:)

Work was fulfilling and meaningful - kept me busy whole of 2019

I Welcome JANUARY 2020 with open arms expectantly focusing on eating right, exercising & meditating daily, committing to academic pursuits and of course practicing gratitude on daily basis and keeping the family healthy, in harmony, happy and above all serving the community where ever I am and whatever position life leads me to.. J

I thank each and every one of you who have been reading my post:) some commenting directly to me, messaging and some just affirming me. I Loved the Tree Lovers Post and thank Parul in a special way for motivating and inspiring. I thank the TTL comments:) from all the tree lovers, thanks for sharing wonderful tree love post and bringing some greenery into the virtual world:)

I am also glad and grateful for the gratitude posts of Vidya Sury who always enlightened me with her posts and generously shared tips, exercises and different ways one can practice gratitude.

Thanks to Susan Scott and Shilpa who in their own way have always been very appreciative and affirming.  I am grateful for all of you - You have made  my life a lot more richer and happier. 

Few more hours and we all move into another year of our lives - May this 2020 bring you lots of love, joy, peace, happiness, harmony and fulfilment in your lives. 

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing ! Happy New Year 2020 ! 


  1. What a full month December was for you Genevive - yes, sad that some are no longer with you. May their dear souls rest in peace.

    Today, we were having a late breakfast on the balcony overlooking the sea. My son Mike asked me what my new year resolutions are - I said no, not really, much the same like before, but how about reVolution ... a revolution of love, gratitude, peace - :)

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post; that was a lovely surprise! You are very dear to me, for who and what you are ...

  2. Thank you Susan - back after the trips and the wedding of my nephew. I am glad to read your comment and like the words you used Love, Gratitude and Peace:) I haven't thought about the resolution - somehow I am getting clarity of what i want so am moving towards it with gratitude, hope and faith in God. Its always a pleasure to hear from you, thanks for your constant affirmations, You are a blessing to so many, your writings are deep, reflective and thought provoking. I have always enjoyed reading your post. wishing you a great year ahead. love and hugs to you:) May you continue to inspire and be blessings to many more people.


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