October 31, 2019

Gratitude – October 2019

October was a busy month with plenty of holidays and along with it were also deadlines at office to submit a proposal and at the same time academically visit the guide and finalize the topic for PhD. Despite all the serious work there are still some of the things I listed to be grateful for this month:

A small break to dance for a cause, a dandiya night with youth who were raising funds for repair work at some of the government schools in another district.    It was fun to join them for a few hours and become small little children, breaking inhibitions and dance like nobody’s watching J

Good health despite the weather, heavy rains, could manage with minor discomforts of cold, tiredness and a bit of exhaustion for meeting the deadlines.

Happy for the opportunity to teach in Cherlapally Prison – I am amazed at my capacity to open myself to so much of learning. Felt very privileged as I kept on preparing the lessons, determined to complete one paper (Psychopathology) by the end of October, as their exams are scheduled in December. I enjoyed preparing the lessons and took a little extra effort to make it interesting, by adding relevant examples, and simplifying the subject so that learning becomes interesting.  

It’s a blessing to have a bike, with Road Transport Corporation of Telengana is on strike, for the last 4 weeks. So much of inconveniences for students and those who commute by bus every day. The matter is not getting resolved and so much of stress for common people, managing with rains and paying high fares for autos and cabs. With the bike I could work without much discomforts and ride smoothly everywhere, not only my workplace but also beyond. I am grateful for my bike.

I am also happy to be reading a lot of books – for my PhD and meeting senior faculty staff for guidance and feedback to choose the right topic, and come out with a proposal for submission, which did take a lot of my time.

This month on the 13th of October was our wedding anniversary, myself and David complete 20 years of married life and looking backwards at the journey we have come quite a long distance. I am grateful for everything, ups and downs of my life, the joys and the sorrows, the experiences we have had, our kids and our careers and our personalities too have changed and I am glad for whatever it is today – happy and grateful to God for keeping us alive, safe and healthy too.

I always love the surprises – this month I went out thrice, once for lunch with my daughter, spending some time with her and connecting with her and another for dinner as family and to had a friend who joined us. Added was a surprise meet at Domino’s for a pizza. I am grateful for these little surprises.
I took some time to meet the endocrinologists and also take the sugar level tests and accordingly consult the doctor for the plan of action.

I never cease to thank God for  the Food that is always on my table – the surprise roti’s from my neighbors, idly batter from my sister in law Anuja, the diwali sweets from our family friends, the rasmalai from David’s friend, and special laddu and snacks, so much to eat…and share too..

I am glad to get a new pair of spectacles as I lost my old one, appreciate my brother Raj for guiding me in picking up the right one and also sharing a frame to fit my lenses. What a comfort to wear on to read the newspaper and also work on the computer.

Grateful for  my new laptop which has been in my list for a long time and I could never make  a decision as we already have a desk top, now for the purpose of research, moving around, collecting material and making presentations becomes easy… thanks for friends who guide and help, feeling happy and grateful..

David celebrated 24th Anniversary celebration of his prayer group; and both Dorothy and David were busy with planning the event. They also cleaned up the flower pots and added some more plants in the balcony, making it green and beautiful – grateful for family who make the space green and clean too.

This month attended a wedding of one of my friend’s niece and it was opportunity for all of us classmates and other friends to gather, enjoy the lunch and also catch up with one another.  Grateful for the gift of friends who bring in so much of warmth.

This month I was invited for a session to a women’s group to share the YWCA (Young Women Christian Association, Secunderabad) activities as they are supportive members and were interested in participating in some of our activities and looking at areas for collaboration. It was a meaningful interaction and I am glad to have spent little time interacting with them.

I am also very happy to be taking part in the Tree love post every second and fourth Thursday facilitated by Parul. I collected quite a lot of pictures of the trees and eagerly post every month. Happy and grateful to be connected with tree lovers.

Grateful for everything that is happening both in my family life & professional life, every little experience that is enabling me to grow into becoming the person I was meant to be. I am glad for this monthly post which constantly keeps shifting my focus to all that is beautiful, lovely and positive and above all keeping my healthy and happy!

 Thank you for reading this post, appreciate your time taken; would love to hear your comments.

Be Blessed & Be Happy! 


  1. This was so lovely to read Genevive! I always smile when I read you gratitude posts. They always also remind me to be grateful for all that I have. Your photos are lovely. Well, now we're in November, another month that is going to russsshhhh by. Have a lovely week :) xx

    1. Thanks Susan, am so glad to connect with you here - you bring a smile on my face, appreciate your kind words and glad you liked the photos.. True:) another month and the year ends. Thank you once again, love and hugs to you.


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