July 2, 2019

June 2019 Gratitude

June began with joyous celebration, engagement of my nephew Samuel John Bosco with Susan James, which was the beginning of a life time commitment. There were so many things to look into as I just returned from a short holiday from Mumbai. Being a God parent there’s a sense of responsibility for ensuring everything goes as per certain customs and formalities. It was a great day in the family wherein the priest came for prayers and blessed the couple, followed by some fun, dancing and dinner. There was a sense of gratitude in my heart for everything. 
Engagement of Sam & Susan
I am also thankful to God for the admission of my daughter Maria Dorothy in the degree college. There was a stiff competition despite falling into the minority category; we were getting anxious slightly stressful as the whole process of admission was online. At the end of it we are happy about her getting a seat in the college and also the subject she wanted to study.

This month was also one my best friend’s birthday Saroj – all our common friends planned to make it a meaningful and fun loving – so we chose to go for a boat ride within the city, it was a dancing boat where we were entertained by the youngsters dancing in bollywood style and there was a young lady who made the kids join them in dancing.. after which we went to a very beautiful and a quiet place for dinner – at  Fanoosh, enjoyed  being together, cut the cake, sang for her and had a sumptuous supper.

This month was also Rose day celebration for the Young Women Christian Association Secunderabad, a time for the ladies to come together and celebrate one another. There was also an orientation by the Help age India – a session on how to use the smart phone and how to stay connected which was very useful for elderly who are looking for support and services. It was learning for me to look at the various apps available on smart phones to make our life easy and save a lot of time running around.

Academically this month was subject wise classes for my PhD – I was grateful to get back to learning as a scholar and it was a great experience, meeting various professors who were experts on the given subject and they made learning interactive and fun.

This month I am grateful to have slowed down and preferred to travel by the public transport i.e., bus and I adapted myself easily changing two buses every day and also take a sharing auto. It was safe for me to travel as the distance for my classes was quite far. I learnt to walk fast as there was a lot of walking wherein I felt healthy and energetic too.

I am thankful for the small joys in life – the regular idly batter and the chutney my sister in law Mary who thoughtfully sends almost every week; reducing the burden of early morning breakfast; the regular assistance by David to make one non vegetarian dish every Sunday thus making my day a little more relaxed and all the help that I get from my daughter,  colleagues  and other service providers especially when I am busy attending classes.

I am also grateful for the regular domestic helper who ensures that my house is swept, and maintained clean and hygienic; also my kitchen is cleaned on a regular basis, compound is swept and the whole place is neat and she does with a smile.

I am thankful for the long distance call from my friend and its a pleasure to chat and endlessly talk about whats happening in our lives.
“Gratitude is the wine for the soul, Go on and get drunk” Rumi
I am thankful for all those persons who are in helping profession; they make life so much better by their warmth and commitment- this month I had a couple of my students who needed assistance from the doctor and an NGO. I am glad I could connect them with the right people to enable them to solve their issues.

This month there was quite a number of tele counseling happening - even though I am not a tele counselor; I had to respond on the phone quite a few times when our students are unable to reach but are desperate and need help.

I am grateful for the lovely weather in the last week; there were showers and made the place a little cool. I picked up some mangoes as my daughter loves it – few more days and we will not find mangoesJ enjoyed relishing these mangoes with my daughter.

This month was so quick to pass and I feel happy, blessed, favored and healthy in so many ways; can’t really imagine that 6 months of this year has gone…. 

I am grateful to God for whatever has gone by, thanking for every little experience and moving on as there’s so much to accomplish.

How was your June J Love to hear your thoughts……

Thanks for reading my post, appreciate you for the time taken. I will be glad to read your comment.

Be Happy & Be Blessed ! 

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