April 25, 2019

#A-Z April Challenge 2019 –V & Gratitude Post for April 2019

This year my focus for the April Challenge 2019 is on Nature. I am posting pictures of nature and writing thoughts that inspire me.

I am Thankful! Grateful! & Blessed !

The words with V are victory, victorious, value, valuable - I think I would choose the word VALUE.  It’s a word that I have been hearing as a child and I have been taught that it means “something held in importance” worth, useful and cannot be compromised. Some values as children are caught and not taught – be it honesty, forgiveness, kindness, selflessness etc.

For me one of the Value that I hold very dearest is Gratitude, an attitude of thanks giving. This post I am combining with monthly Gratitude post hosted by vidyasury. 

Here's my gratitude list for April 2019.

The happiest news my daughter qualified her Intermediate final year exams and it’s a joy for us to see her getting ready to join the degree course.

Also happy that she is on an internship programme – this summer along with her friend and it’s opportunity for learning and using time meaningfully.

Glad to participate in the #April A-Z Challenge 2019 – as I made an attempt to do the post every day, but had difficulty in visiting other bloggers – sometimes its computer issues, other times power cuts and in between work and academic commitment.

Happy to learn and participate in Pre PhD sessions and – this kept me busy for a whole week and I just had enough time to focus on the most important things and keep moving.

This month our professional group of counselors met for a potluck and it was fun to have people who share your values and vision.

The #YWCAofsecunderabad celebrated the YWCA Day locally and it was a beautiful and meaningful experience, there was praise and worship, followed by reflections on the theme for this year – Young Women Transforming power structures, which was followed by interactions and dinner.

I managed to watch few of movies on Netflix J thanks to my daughter Maria Dorothy who ensured that I take a little time out for my entertainment – liked both the movies in Hindi – Dear Zindagi, Fashion (which is an old one) and Andhadhun.

We also went for a pilgrimage to seven churches within the city during the season of lent – the bus was arranged from our parish and we had 3 buses from different points, and everything was facilitated by David. It was an enriching experience as we moved on visiting every church, praying, singing songs and  fellowship meal. I got see some churches in our city which i have never seen before:)

This month I had election duty – lok sabha polls – the booth was in the old city, in a government school and in a very bad condition – it was challenging to be in this place and be part of the whole process in election. First time I had the experience of working as a polling officer and I was glad for the opportunity as well as challenges encountered.

With too many things happening I couldn’t be regular on the treadmill, but I ensured that I practiced yoga, meditation and prayer that kept me going and I also ensured that I spent some time everyday watching inspiring videos.

I also started driving my car to the campus and it’s a great feeling of safety, security; glad to have gained enough confidence to manage and drive safely.

Grateful for the new friends I made and also for my classmates and all those lovely women who have been part of my journey.

There were also deaths, sadness and tragedies - of some of our relatives who were alive are no more around – there were friends who stopped by to meet, a couple of long distance calls to stay connected with friends – the weather continues to be very hot and feel lethargic to work –  despite all the above,
the most important thing I always value is the Gift of Life ! my basic needs are met and I am surrounded by some very lovely people and I am grateful for everything.

How was your April  2019 ! would love to hear from you.

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Thank you for reading my post; appreciate you for your time - would be glad to hear from you!

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. So many valuable things to be grateful for Genevive, in spite of the sadnesses - it had me smiling all the way through, thank you!

    1. Thanks Susan, sorry for the delayed response, appreciate you for your comment and glad to know that you were smiling through:) hugs to you.


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