April 23, 2019

#A-Z April Challenge 2019 –T

This year my focus for the April Challenge 2019 is on Nature. I am posting pictures of nature and writing thoughts that inspire me.
“Tea is the only simple pleasure left to us” Oscar Wilde

The word for T is Tea Time: Tea Time is the best time to sit back, relax and connect with family. It happens in the morning for a brief while as we need to get back to work; and then once again we look forward to in the evening for a cup of tea and if possible with some snack for a bite.

PC Maria Dorothy - Tea Estate Ooty Tamilnadu, India
I recall my early growing up days; my dad loved tea in the early hours and used to make tea for all, we had a kettle those days to make tea. It was a ritual followed for many years and both my mom and dad were used to making tea and it was and is still considered important in the family that anyone who visited our homes any time of the day, if they were not interested in meals and cool drinks – Tea was the only option and for all seasons.

Last before year when I travelled to Ooty I had the opportunity to visit the tea estate and also the tea factory to see the whole process of preparing the tea leaves.

Do you like Tea? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading my post and I would appreciate your comment.

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. I've just had my morning cuppa Genevive! Only way to start the day!

    1. Haha haha.... nice to know that susan.. I feel good to have a nice cup of tea especially when I feel sleepy in the day time.


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