April 19, 2019

#A-Z April Challenge 2019 –R

This year my focus is on the Nature and I am posting pictures of nature and writing thoughts that inspire me.

I do believe something magical will happen when you read a good book” J K Rowling
PC Maria Dorothy
R stands for Reading – I have always enjoyed reading be it online or off line, reading has not only kept me occupied but has enabled me to learn, grow in knowledge and understanding too. There were days in my life I used to be passionate about buying books for myself and also gifting it to my friends. Mostly books that empowered me – self help books and inspiring authors, somehow I was not aligned to fiction, horror or stories… it was always books that made me think, reflect and guided me.

Every day I try my best to practice reading  something to keep my mind positive and happy, listen to speakers who inspire and motivate; which helps me to minimize distractions, and keeps me energetic till the end of the day.  

What you feed your mind everyday is extremely important as that reflects on the kind of choices you make and the kind of life you live. Just as the way we see the impact of food on our body; similarly one can see the impact of reading on our mind too.

What are your thoughts on reading? I would like to hear from your comments.

Thanks for reading my post J

Be Blessed & Be Happy – Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. I often wonder where I would be without reading Genevive! It brings such pleasure, whether of an academic or non-academic kind. There are times that I read only non-fiction and wonder how I will ever be able to read a novel again, but when I do, it is soooo enjoyable!

    1. Very true Susan, agree with your thoughts... as a youngster I always had a book in my bag and i could go on reading whenever, where ever i found time. Specially some books were like magnet and I would eagerly wait to continue.. thanks for sharing Susan, am glad to connect with you.

  2. Reading is my passion and I cant imagine my life without it. Though this AtoZ Challenge has derailed my reading this month, but I am looking forward to some heavy-duty reading next month!!

    1. You are a great inspiration shilpa:) the kind of reading you do - I always admire the way you manage reading so many different books, review and also blog about. Hopefully its time for me to pick up some books. At the moment I am busy with Research books for my PhD work:)


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