November 22, 2018

November Gratitude 2018

“ When we are grateful we affirm that a source of goodness exists in our lives” Robert A Emmons (1958)
PC.Maria Dorothy
The first day of the month was my mother’s 15th death anniversary, bringing memories of her love, kindness and generosity and all the conversations that she had just before she passed away.  They say time is the best healer; I would say gratitude is the best healer for dealing with grief. I made her favorite breakfast Puri and Vada both south Indian dishes she was an expert in cooking and it was a pleasure for me to attempt to make it in her memory.

The next day was holy soul’s day – a tradition of the Catholic Church that reminds the certainty of death and to acknowledge the souls that have walked on this earth- remembering them in the family and community, visiting the graveyards and paying tribute to them. So myself David and Dorothy visited the cemeteries of our families which are in different places at Hyderabad and in the process also met quite a lot of extended family members, its also a place to connect as most the people we get to meet here who have also come to pay tribute to their loved ones.
Flowers to pay tribute to the souls that left the earth
This month I watched a Hindi movie – Badhaaiho which means congratulations in Hindi- it’s all about a couple in their 50’s having unplanned pregnancy, the embarrassment caused in the family as they have grown up children, and the eldest being the marriageable age, the movie is – funny and  humorous as it been scripted well. I am thankful for my friends for choosing this movie and even booking the tickets, it was worth watching and I had a great time.

This month I am also glad to have picked up the book on “Power of Gratitude by    “enjoyed reading this book. I felt inclined to do a separate post on this book. Few more pages left and I hope to complete this book by the end of the month. It’s a challenge that I took in the beginning of the year to myself to read at least one book a month, feeling quite happy that I am reaching the target.

I have always wanted to write; somehow never happened as its easy for me type and put it in the folder so that end of the month I could just edit a little and post. I am happy for the decision I made to pick up two books one for gratitude and another one for inspiration. I am happy to have started the gratitude journal from this month – and have jotted down quite a lot of inspirations for myself and hoping to maintain these books for life J I am thankful for the inspiration I get from various speakers and bloggers, so many of them as I keep randomly reading on various topics.

This month I am grateful to David for the loud alarm in the house; which has renewed my commitment to rise up early, which means I have started walking again in the park nearby, and so happy that I am still keeping it up  and feel quite motivated to continue in the early hours and park is well kept and there are stone benches where I sit for a while and just enjoy the company of myself opening to the warmth of the early morning rays of the run- getting my quota of vitamin D J I have learnt to manage myself quite well this month – making time for all that I am interested to do – meditate, read, pray and practice yoga.

This month I am grateful for the outing we could make it with my nephews family to a resort, enjoyed the day in the pool playing with the kids, the food was great and am glad to be able eat with mindfulness deliberately making choices in what the body requires J and also cheating a little on the deserts J and clicking plenty of pictures of all these lovely moments which is now a memory.

This month was Deepawali – festival of lights and there was plenty of food and sweets from all our neighboring friends – it’s a blessing to live in a place where you have people who are generous and sharing. I am grateful for the trust we have with our neighbors – we can leave the empty gas cylinder outside and give money to our neighbors requesting them to keep the exchange cylinder as all three of are out full day and house is locked. Our letters, courier anything by post is also safely handed over. On festivals there is so much of exchange of whatever is made; the lights were lit by David and fruity too joining them in decorating our area. I feel lucky to be surrounded by good neighbors.

I am grateful for the helper in my house; who comes home regularly to sweep, dust, swob and maintain the house neat and tidy. My kitchen is also well kept and it gives me joy to cook when everything is neatly kept – my thanks to the lady who consistently keeps cleaning and ensures that it’s well kept.

This month I attended a couple of meetings at the #Ywcaofsecunderabad where I volunteer and I am glad to join for the World Week of Prayer that usually falls in this month, with a theme to reflect. This year’s theme was “Youth Empowerment for Good”. I could attend this meeting in both the Hyderabad YWCA and the Secunderabad too.  It’s always nice to reflect and remind ourselves that we are created for Good and there’s a purpose for our lives- and it’s our responsibility to search and evolve transforming ourselves to what we were created for; as we journey along facing challenges and overcoming them we must also lift up those around us and l am lucky to be surrounded by the young people in the campus to be available to them and to be challenged by their stories and in the process enable and empower them for good.

I am thankful for the lunch I had in my nephew sunny Emmanuel’s house – as he left for better prospects to another country. I could spend some time with their family, as Dorothy had college and David was busy – I could find time to be with the kids and listen to their conversations J.

The Sunday’s of this month were very relaxing and felt rested well – I could even visit a home for children in difficult situations, mostly girls in order  to see if there was anything I could do… I have always wanted to reach out to do whatever I can to make a small difference… I took a ride one of the Sundays and even visited our popular park in our areaJ clicked some beautiful pictures and on my way home stopped by at my mother in laws place for a small chat.

I also feel very privileged to be able to earn and spend money – it’s a big blessing as I see and come across so many women, despite earning well do not have the financial freedom due to abuse relationships and at other times because of low self concept wherein they feel everybody else is important and they do not think about themselves and sacrifice their dreams and desire for the sake of family or a particular relationship.  This month I was happy to go for a pedicure and pamper my hands /feet and face tooJ I even picked up a comfortable slipper for myself to take care of my feet.

I am also grateful that my daughter Dorothy is practicing songs on the key board. I am happy to see her interest and commitment in wanting to learn and sing.

This month I escaped a fall twice when I tried turning my bike; and both the times only the bike fell and I was safe. First time it was inside  a shed where I parked my bike an my daughter was there to help me, second time it was just near my residence outside the gate and my neighbor  helped me, grateful that despite these happenings I still continue to ride safely.

This month I was happy to interact with one of my old colleague, we worked together and it was such a pleasure talking about our experiences. There was another colleague, it was an international call we had a lovely chat, did not even realize that I have been speaking to her for more than an hour. Some friends are so sweet we do not have to talk every day, but we can speak to them any day and still be very connected.

This month there were two birthdays – am grateful to both of my friends, who were very loving, kind and generous – I prayed and wished them for their birthdays.

I am grateful to participate in the tree love post; and posted on both the second and 4th Thursday of this month.

I am glad I am completed my gratitude post today. I am waiting for tomorrow for another post that speaks about people who shine brightly despite all odds in dispelling darkness.

On the whole I am grateful for this month that there was so much to be sad about as the month began I missed my mom and my son and as this month unfolded I had so many things to be thankful for – the book on gratitude kept me focused; and the journal that I started this month writing gratitude helped me to be consistent and checked my attitude each time I found myself feeling low and unhappy.

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How was your November ? would love to hear from you:)

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing!


  1. Loved reading this Genevive thank you. Yes, although the month started out sad, you had the ritual of making your mother's favourite foods. Keeping a gratitude journal is really worth it as I have found out. I also had two nearly serious trip ups and believe me I was so grateful that it was all ok! Your friends are also grateful for having you as friend as I am too ..xx

    1. Oh my Susan:) hugs to you. Thank you for always being so consistent in affirming me, it means a lot to me. I am so happy that you loved reading my post. Thank God all ok with you despite the two serious trip ups.. I remember reading about those in one of your post. I am grateful for your presence here... and feel so honored to be visited by a spiritual friend, for I learn so much from your blog and the interactions there... thanks friend, love you.

  2. Wow!!! What an abundant November you had Geneive. Happy to read about so many positive things.

    Amazing to read how you turned a painful day into a happy one by remembering your mom in such a terrific way.
    It's very difficult to get up early and i commend your determination to be on a Fitness regime.
    Stay blessed and wish you a great December

  3. Thank you Shalz, love your comments and appreciate you for affirming me ... you made my day after few tired sessions, its so pleasant to shift your focus and read comments. I have always been an early riser and I just love the morning freshness in the park within minimal noise:) You may be an evening person... so explore evenings..


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