October 24, 2018

Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world”
Jean Luc Godard

Welcome entry for tourists
The Dusherra break was a time that me and my daughter visited the Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. It’s been a long desire and somehow we always felt we can see some other time as we are in the same city, so every time this visit was postponed. I am glad that I could visit Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film city which is supposed to be the largest film studio with around 1,666 acres complex in the word as certified by the Guinness book of world records.

This place provides comprehensive and advanced film production facilities which are of international standards. We had a great time moving around this place and it was fun participating in space voyage, watching live dancing on super hit songs of both Telugu and Hindi.

There was also short demo on film making involving the tourists and very entertaining to see the inside story of film making. So much of hard work and at the same time, Dorothy felt cheated as everything was a big drama J giving a magical experience to those who watch the 3 hour cinema enjoying the dialogues, story, music and dancing.  

Bahubaali set 
This place offers a variety of entertainment and with guided tours it’s very easy to get in any bus and get out within the film city. The food was decent enough, we get both veg and non veg and plenty of other snacks are available including fruit drinks, ice creams and juices too.  The staffs were courteous, the ambience is beautiful and it worth visiting this place at least once.

It’s truly a fun when you find everything is readily available for film making – from railway stations, airports, church, temple, mosque and beautiful gardens so neat and well kept and colorful. There are statues of Charlie chaplain, Sylvester Stallone and Laurel and Hardy.
The vintage cars, and welcome dance are special attractions – the memorable and the brilliant setting was that of the movie Bahubaali. We could relate to the Mahespathi kingdom, the tourists are welcomed by the Bahubaali songs and it gives you the feel when you look at the structures created, the pond, the whole place is beautifully arranged to give the feel of the kingdom. Plenty of crowds and everyone busy clicking photo graphs of the chariot, the seating and a lot more of display.
Dorothy at Petrol bunk 
I am glad that we visited this place and since it was a day visit we skipped the carnival in the evening hours, it was a wonderful experience but a tiring day and one must be fit to do a lot of walking despite having the vehicle at your disposal… we need to walk around
Bahubaali set 
I loved the way the mythological stories being displayed in an artistic way with paintings, sculptures and colorful lighting and sound. The Japanese garden was beautiful and very well maintained. I liked the Hawa Mahal which is constructed in elevated position, typical rajasthani style with red colored paint.
Beautiful Garden
The place is cool and it’s a great feeling to be swayed by the wind. There is also a cafeteria for those who like to take a break for snacks and tea, which is also reasonable and well kept. The booking can be done online which will only take care of entry ticket, we have to arrange our own transport and also lunch and snacks. There are lots of things sold; tourists can buy caps/hats, pearl sets, decorative items, clothing and all types of snacks.
Enjoyed Fresh mixed fruits 
There are various packages and one can choose whichever they want. We took the day package which is from 9 am to 8p.m. and arranged our own transport, being Sunday it was a bit crowded and still was fun and entertainment the whole day.

I was fascinated by the trees here and clicked plenty of photographs for the next three months I have enough to post on tree love J.

So happy to relive and make this post; so many pictures we took and I found it difficult to choose, finally managed to just pick up a few.

“Create experiences that leave you in awe, for these will be the highlights of your life”
Ryan Blair

 Be Blessed & Be Happy:)


  1. What an extraordinary place Genevive! HUGE! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Susan:) true, its worth the visit. I am glad I could go with my daughter.


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