October 25, 2018

Gratitude for October 2018

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual” Henry David Thoreau
I am happy and surprised to find October coming so early J which means another two months and 2018 is over, the year coming to an end. October welcomed me with a holiday right on the second day being Gandhi Jayanthi, national holiday – so I took a chance to visit my brothers place as 3rd being birthday of my eldest nephew Sunny – along with my daughter and the my sister in law and another nephew we wanted to surprise him on his birthday.
I completed the book– “Brida” by Paul Coehlo. I began with enthusiasm as I read his earlier book Alchemist, but somehow this book did not impress me, nevertheless I made sure to complete this book.
Glad to watch a couple of Telugu movies with my daughter- and my sister in law, just to give ourselves break. One was because my daughter is a fan of Vijay devarkonda so I took her to the movie and another one was an Entertainment. I feel good to be away sometimes few hours in another world of cinema having fun and enjoying myself.

I appreciate my friend who is always helpful; got my bike insurance done on time, which is a blessing to me as I have a tendency to forget J despite her being out of town she ensured that someone from her office renewed on time… these are small little blessings which I feel happy and grateful.

I am happy and grateful for my daughter who helped me in clicking a few of the pictures for the tree love posts. Then I found a beautiful picture of a tree just at the turn I take to reach my work place and enjoyed posting it, thanks to Parul I am happy to be making tree love posts every month.

This month I started making few more life style changes in my diet, adding more greens and vegetables, mostly cucumber, lemon, leafy vegetables and various forms of beans, cutting down portion size and above all renewing my desire to stay healthy and happy to keep the doctor away from my life… I am grateful for the ability to be able to make the required changes as and when I want without disturbing the routine.

Happy and content for having completed 18 years of my journey with David – so  much has happened and overall; each of us have learnt to give space to each other and nurture our own growth process, gratitude for all the understanding and learning as we walk along finding our unique sense of identities in responding to the deepest call… still in process and glad we have chosen the path towards finding ourselves and our purposes  individually and also together as family encouraging my daughter to create what she wants in her life…

Chicken pakoda with tomato sauce
October had four weddings J – two in the extended family and two from our close family friends, it was hectic as we attended the pre wedding rituals which happens 3 days before the wedding, we had lot of fun not only meeting the other members of the family but also could participate in stepping into the dance floor J.

This month myself and my daughter wanted to take a short break for dusherra holidays, somehow this did not work out and so we visited Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film city, supposed to be the largest film studio  with around 1,666 acres complex in the word as certified by the  Guinness book of world records. it was a wonderful experience but a tiring day and one must be fit to do a lot of walking despite having the vehicle at your disposal… we need to walk around. I am so fascinated that I made a separate blog post.

I am thankful the work environment that gives me so much space for learning – and I enjoy looking at different issues related to mental health and find opportunities to be in touch with the subject. This month I did quite a bit of tele counseling as the person was finding difficult to come to the centre; though mostly I prefer face to face counseling surprised that I am becoming an expert.

I remembered my mother this month as it was her birthday – recalling her brought immense gratitude in my heart for all that I have received from her freely and whatever I have become because of upbringing and generosity. Also my third brother who shares the birthday with my mom; and he is no more – gratitude for the family and my niece Nissi Marilyn who organized a thanksgiving for the day. My appreciation for her thoughts and the courage she displays handling her family in the absence of her father and taking care of her mom.

I am thankful for the ability to be consistent in my making the regular posts, here’s my link to the tree love post, hosted by Parul.


Also made a WAWTB post – that shares stories that show, love, humanity and brotherhood. This post will be on the last Friday of every month.

I am so happy that October month is ending with Awareness on Breast Cancer followed by Thanksgiving at the YWCA of Secunderabad wherein members are called to share and donate what is collected to be given in a home run for special children. I feel so honored to be part of this whole process of acknowledging what I have and to be able to share with those around me.

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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Be happy & Blessed!


  1. Happy for the reasons in October Jiji ��

  2. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate you:)

  3. Love the positive vibes of this post. This sounds like an interesting idea; to join others giving thanks. Maybe I will try it. 😊 @pinknabi on wordpress.com

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad that you found my post intresting, appreciate you for visiting this space:)

  4. Your gratitude posts make me smile, Angela. I love all that work you do for others and how you also focus on your health. I am lucky to have found you. Thursday Tree Love wouldn't have been possible without your support. Your Mum would have been so proud of you and I know she is your angel watching you. Hugs! Wishing you a happy November!

    1. Thank You Parul, feels so nice that my post made you smile:) appreciate you kind words and feel so happy that we have met. You are a wonderful soul and its always a pleasure to read your writings, you are authentic and passionate about blogging. Yes I do enjoy the tree love posts:) and rightly said my mom would definitely feel for me, i miss her so much - thanks again parul, and hoping your November to be a great one...

  5. Congrats on your 18th wedding anniversary and wish you many more. As I always say, you accomplish so many good things in a month. Great energy. I wish you good health always and be happy.

    1. Thanks Shilpa:) glad that you are here and so very generous for wishing me many more years.. I am doing what I can within my limitations, appreciate you for your generous comment.


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