September 26, 2018

Tree love—42

“The Spiritual Path…… is simply the journey of living our lives. 
Everyone is on a Spiritual Path; 
most people just don't know it” 
Marianne Williamson.

I am glad to be invited by the Rainbow FM Radio at Hyderabad – All India Radio to speak about Suicide Prevention on the 10 September, 2018.  It was in Telugu interviewed by RJ Renu. I was happy to provide all the information related to suicide, as I walked out of the studio I found this tree at the entrance, there is one table and two chairs for the policemen who sit under this tree to make entries for those who walk in and walk out for various purposes.

I was impressed with these trees; to me it looked quite rich standing with pride J and it did not take much time for me to capture this in my cell phone. I am sure quite a lot of people have come here for various purposes and tree has been a silent witness to all the happenings around here. 

Thursday Tree love  is a photo feature on Parul’s blog hosted on second and fourth Thursday of every month.   You are most welcome to join in, all you need to do is:

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  1. That's a big one. Whenever I see trees and particularly near offices - I have the same thought. As if they have been witness to so many stories. Also, so amazing that you were on radio to talk about such an important and sensitive topic. I am in awe of all that you do.
    Thank you for joining!

    1. Thanks Parul for all the affirmation that you so generously give, feel honored. Your blog is an inspiration and so much learning happens whenever I visit.

  2. That's wonderful Angela, talking about Suicide prevention on FM. Ya, tree looks rich and green.

    1. Thanks Mahathi, enjoyed speaking in Telugu,learnt after my marriage where people around me spoke a lot of Telugu:)loved this tree.


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