August 29, 2018

Gratitude for August 2018

“When you are grateful; fear disappears and abundance appears.”
Anthony Robbins

August has been a great month for me - so many happenings and such a pleasure to recall and be thankful to the Lord, and to all those who made a difference in my life. Also to those who gave me opportunity to serve, learn and to grow. I want to be grateful for so many aspects of my life and here goes my list at random:

Month began with birthday of a very close friend; working together and its more than a decade now that we are friends – glad to have a birthday breakfast, for a change to build up the metabolism glad that we could be together enjoy the breakfast and get back to our respective places of work.

The same evening there was an event for which my center was invited and I was glad to represent both my counseling center sahayam and the place where I volunteer the YWCA of secunderabad. It was an experience in itself to be part of a community that collaborated with us for the last 5 years. We were appreciated and mementos were given in recognition of our service.

Glad to have taken a couple of sessions for the prison inmates on behavior therapies at Cherlapally Central Jail. It’s a learning experience and I enjoy interacting and teaching the subject that is given for me. These kind of teaching opportunities pushes  me to do a lot of reading on the given topic  that is required to be able to develop competency and train myself to become an expert on the subject. Preparing the lessons and reflecting my experiences in order to theorize makes it stimulating and interesting to the participants.

This month I have seen an entertaining movie in Telugu called Geetagovindam with my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie…nothing like being with friends and laughing out loud de-stressing oneself- breaking off from a regular routine.

I am happy to have read up and helped the counseling centre in evolving concept on passive aggression and behavior therapies and psychological processes. So plenty of readingJ everything equipping me to be academically sound and also enabling me to get competent at my work place, despite the fact that I made a decision to read at least one book per month and managed so far to read around 5 books J  still hoping to catch up and read as many books possible for this year. I am grateful to have accomplished the task of updating my files and completing the annual report for 2017-2018.

This month Independence Day was a memorable one as I could participate in a session for the police on stress and substance abuse… it was interesting to observe and interact with the police on these issues and also have breakfast with themJ
My mother in law’s condition has been stable except she developed small sores because of sleeping on one side; and thanks be to God we had the family doctor who was quick to intervene and recommend air bed for prevention of bed sores … now everything in control and she is improving. It’s a blessing to have good care takers who are committed and quick to report any issues that trouble the person. I feel gratitude for all those persons who in various ways support us to make our lives a little more comfortable and better.

My daughter Maria Dorothy had quarterly exams and I am grateful that she managed her revision on her own and developed her own strategy of learning… which gives me time to complete my work at home. No helper and between me and David we have been managing quite well household chores and work outside, thankful for all the help I receive in house maintenance and sometimes a little bit of cooking in the kitchen too J

Finally this month I paid up the house tax which was pending for a long time; every time I went, the officials told me that the taxes are revised and they did not get the revised version so after checking with them few times, physically meeting the concerned person of our area and also regularly calling up, I just gave up in frustration and suddenly this month I found a reminder on sms so I took time went to the local municipal office and after all the query I paid up the property tax and what a relief… grateful for accomplishing this task.

This month at the YWCA the programme committee celebrated Navroz Mubarak ! wherein few members from the Parsi community demonstrated  traditional cuisine named   Dhansakh, Khawab, veg salad and classic baked custard  for all the members in the evening hours. It was a fun time as the members were requested to wear on head gears/caps/hats and a small sample of cooking was demonstrated. One of them  explained its background, history and shared the written recipe with every member who attended this programme, new members joined in enjoyed the delicious dinner & fellowship.
The following Sunday was a reunion for the third time from my previous organization and it was great time to meet the old friends, pick up conversations that we left more than a decade and share our current happenings in life, sharing our lives – showing the photographs of our family members and having great buffet lunch which went on for 3- 4 hoursJ clicking photography, pulling each other’s legs, laughing out loud and appreciated the persons who organized this get together. I felt immensely thankful to God and to my friends and went back home energetic and full of renewed zeal. 

David was busy organizing the prayer service, supported by my daughter Dorothy who helps in singing in the choir and getting all the hymns typed and looking at the overall requirements… I am glad she is learning to play the keyboard and it’s a pleasure to watch her practice almost every day, feel blessed and happy to see her taking responsibilities.

 This month I also felt very sad by the Kerala floods – listening and reading the newspaper everyday about these floods and the experiences of various districts that was affected and impacted so many thousands of people who have lost their lives, properties and cherished possessions and lifelong earnings. On the other side I was comforted to  read, and watch so many videos  of individuals/institutions/NGOs from our city and other parts of our country responding with compassion, collecting materials and money to meet the basic requirements for the people in Kerala. It feels good and gives hope to see and know that there are so many good people in this world who matter and make a huge difference.

Grateful for all the moments we went out as a family, a wedding of one of David’s friend; our yearly shopping – its always special for us to shop for Dorothy once a year where we pick up her favorite dress for her birthday that is in the coming month and we treat ourselves with delicious lunch at one our favorite restaurant. It’s also time we pick up some gifts for two more girls in our extended family who celebrate their birthdays. I feel gratitude for them and also for the capacity that the Lord has blessed us to be able to spend and share whatever we are blessed with.

There is so much to be grateful for as I walk along my life’s journey; happy, hopeful and moving towards harmony within myself and also around me.

How was your August?? Love to hear from you, appreciate you for stopping by and thank you for reading my post.

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Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. So enjoyed reading this Genevive! Very late I know ... August just flew by on my side - maybe not as busy as yours! You say about being so grateful for all that is; may your life continue being blessed as are those with whom you come into contact :)

  2. So nice to know Susan that you enjoyed reading my post:) what matters to me is you made time for me Susan, and thanks a ton and yes I wish love, joy, peace, harmony and fulfillment to you and your family all the time, appreciate your kind words. Love and hugs.

  3. So many activities to be grateful in a month! Glad to see such good things around you. Be happy and have great month ahead.

    1. Thanks Shilpa:) am happy too for so much has happened in the last month, can't believe only when i put it down on the paper I realized there is so much to be grateful for:) thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great month too.


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