April 18, 2018

April blogging #A-Z 2018- Q

This post is written for the April blogging #A-Z 2018. 
I have chosen the theme Books and Authors for this year.
I was searching for both the author and the book that begins with Q and there were books but I have not read them. I remembered one book by name Quadis – which is a classic novel written by Henry K Sienkiewicz from Poland, known for his literary pieces. He is one of the popular polish writer  of the 19 & 20th centuries and his writings brought him international fame and was awarded Nobel Prize  for his epic writing. Quadis is historically remembered and well known and it was made into a film. I recall watching this film as a child and in those days this film was rated as one of best films of the time.
Since I have not read this book- I am in no position to write a review about this book – I only remember a few clippings of the movie, wherein at one place Peter, one of the disciple of Jesus flees to Rome and on his way meets Jesus’ who tells peter that he is going to Rome to be crucified again for the second time, which disturbs peter who returns back to Rome only to be crucified.
There is also a passionate story amidst all the historical details between young Christian women Ligia and Marcus Vincicius, a Roman officer who falls in love with Ligia, the daughter of king defeated by Rome. Ligia is drawn to Vincicius but is put off by his crude advances and flees with the help of her strongman servant.
Vincicius finds out that Ligia is deeply influenced Peter and Paul belonging to Christian religion from Rome. The movie portrays the struggle of Vincicius desire for Ligia and his gradual change towards genuine love affair. The movie was brilliantly done with amazing photography and was rated as one of the finest film. I hope to read this book some time being history student- I am somehow drawn unconsciously to read some historic booksJ
Have you heard about this book? What are your thoughts??
Q is also for some Quiz -on books and authors, so get ready with your thinking cap and see how much know J
1.      Father of English Poetry?
a)      Wordsworth
b)      Milton
c)      Geoffrey Chaucer
d)     Charles Dickens

2. “The Naked Face, a very popular book is written by? 
a)      Dominique Lapiere
b)      Larry Collins
c)      Sidney Sheldon
d)     Juan Benet

3. Charles Dickens has written one of the following books? 
a)      A tale of two cities
b)      God of Small things
c)      Love, Miracles & Medicines
d)     Experiments with Truth

4.  Who wrote the Satanic Verses ? 
a)      Gunnar Myrdal
b)      William Golding
c)      Salman Rushdie
d)     Agatha Christie

5. The book “Gulliver’s Travel”s was written by? 
a)      Alexandra Dumas
b)      Charles Lamb
c)      Charles Dickens
d)     Jonathan Swift

6. “Tomsawyer” was written by ? 
a)      Leo Tolstoy
b)      Mark twain
c)      John Ruskin
d)     William Shakespeare

7.  R K Narayana has written a book called ? 
a)      Waiting for the Mahatma
b)      The Great Indian Novel
c)      White Tiger
d)     Train to Pakistan

8. “In Custody” an English Novel is written by? 
a)      Anita Desai
b)      B Vikram Seth
c)      Shoba De
d)     V S naipul

9. The Discovery of India was written by? 
a)      Jawaharlal Nehru
b)      Abdul kalam
c)      Indira Gandhi
d)     Lalbahadur Shastri

 10. Diary of a Young Girl is written by ?
a)      Annie Frank
b)      Arundhati Roy
c)      Chetan Bhagat
d)     John keats

11. The adventure of Huckleberry Finn ? 
            a)Emily Bronte
            b) William Goldin
            c) Mark Twain
            d) Denis Johnson

12  The Pride and Prejudice is written by? 
a)      Stephen Hawking
b)      Max weber
c)      Thomas paine
d)     Jane Austen
13. All Roads lead to Ganga is a book by?
a)      Willian Daryanple
b)      Ruskin Bond
c)      Suketu Mehta
d)     Gregory David Roberts

14. Who among the following is the author of the book”India Remembered” ?
a) J K Rowling
b)Robert Dallek
c) Pamela Mountabatten
d) Stephen Hawking

15.”War & Peace was written by ?
            a) Mahatma Gandhi
            b)Charles Dickens
            c) Kipling
            d) Leo Tolstoy

So how was your experience -thank you for reading my post.
Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Creative post, Genevive. Am not aware of Quadis - the book or the movie. Thanks for sharing the background info of this story.
    Quiz... I loved it. I think I got answers for 13 right. Dont know about In Custody and All the Roads Lead to Ganga. Will ask Google the God now :D

    1. HAH :) thank you shilpa :) :) after a lot of thinking ...this post happened. Glad you loved the quiz and great going you answered 13 :) I am sure Google will give you the answer:) :)

  2. ha ha! Very clever re Quiz! Very enjoyable! One or 2 (or 3) I am not 100% sure of ... :)

    1. Thank you Susan, just saw this comment and I found this easy way to deal with this alphabet:) :)


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