April 16, 2018

April blogging #A-Z 2018- O

This post is written for the April blogging #A-Z 2018. 
I have chosen the theme Books and Authors for this year.

I have read Osho’s 4 volumes on Sayings of Jesus three decades ago while I worked in one of the organization, where most of the employees were Christians. Osho was the most controversial figure in those days, as he opposed traditions and religious practices in India.

One of my colleague a doctor, a staunch Christian found me reading this book and was shocked. He was very upset and expressed his disappointment that I being a Christian have chosen to read Osho. Those days Osho’s concepts of free love, marriage, were opposed to the norms and standards of the society J

This good friend of mine openly told me that I will get influenced by him may leave Christianity to follow the Rajneesh movement. A movement started by Osho wherein he promoted meditation and believed that religion was a personal affair and the state had no business to involve in the people’s personal choices. He had huge number of followers throughout the world and in India there were some very high profile personals who were his followers including celebrities from all walks of life. 

Since I heard so many talking about him and a some even fearing him; I was curious to know what was his philosophy and I found 4 volumes I,II,III,IV on sayings of Jesus in the Library and started reading. I found his writings were very critical and challenged the followers of Jesus and Christianity wherein he reinterpreted the sayings of Jesus J In few places I agreed his thoughts on the feedback of Jesus, as it was so very different from his followers J.Staunch Christians who are rigid in their thought patterns and not open to other opinions will definitely not like this book.

I found it very interesting as he frankly and openly shared his thoughts… after some time I got a gift book from one religious sister who presented a book by name, I TEACH RELIGIOUSNESS NOT RELIGION. BY OSHO – It’s a small book and easy to read, simple language and has 129 pages to read and the last two pages is a brief background of Osho – his birth place, education and the details of how he evolved himself travelling throughout the country sharing his thoughts, challenging orthodox religious leaders, questioning beliefs and his influence in the western world and what brought an end to his life.

This book has two parts: Part 1: Religion – The Methadone for the Masses wherein there are 13 chapters Part II:  Religiousness: Transformation, Not Renunciation – there are 9 chapters. Osho answering questions related to religion, belief, God, Guilt, Prayer, Celibacy Life, Love, Laughter, Enlightenment and silence – all the answers are  challenging the  seeker to question everything and do not take easy and readymade answers available, with sense of humor and highly critical about religions, particularly Christianity.

One can read this book once, to get an idea about this author who is well read, and travelled extensively, his views on  Religion and his interpretations of all the religious books are highly critical and thought provoking… for some it could be hurting their religious sentiments too. I feel we always have a choice to pick up those thoughts which are positive and empowering and leave the rest.

Few quotes from this book:

Religion is dead rock.
I teach you not religion but religiousness, a flowing river
continuously by changing its course, but ultimately reaching to the ocean.
A rock may be very ancient, far more experienced,
But a rock is a rock, and it is dead.

All religion which exist in the world, they are all dead rocks.
They don’t flow, they don’t change, they don’t move with times
And anything that is dead Is not going to help you.

“The first thing is to be oneself. And the second thing is to know who one is. So remain yourself, remain natural. Try to become more aware of what this life current is that is running in you.

Who is beating in our heart?
Who is behind your breathing? Just become more and more alert-about whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you feel- just remain alert, watcher on a hill.”

Have you heard about Rajneesh who is called Osho??  What are your thoughts, would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading my post.

Be Blessed & Be happy!!


  1. I have a few friends that are followers of osho so have heard sayings and teachings from time to time. I do not have a follower nature but love to inquire and read broadly thru all spiritual traditions. I do not agree with osho when he says rocks are dead I think they too have the current of life breathing thru them.

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion about rocks having current of life breathing :) a learning for me.

  2. Osha has always intrigued and fascinated me. I have read a lot about him and his movement and his quotes, but never his books. A friend keeps going to Osho Mediation Resort at Pune and believes in his meditation techniques and discourses. Your post has added some more insights about his philosophies. Thanks for sharing, Genevive.

    1. Thank you shilpa for your presence and your views about Osho and nice to know you have read a lot about him, his movements and quotes. I have been to Pune so many times but could never visit his Meditation Resort.. hope to visit some times when I get the next opportunity to visit pune.

  3. We have started watching a documentary about Osho on Netflix titled “wild wild west”. Osho has been in controversy but still had and have many followers throughout the world as you have said too. I have not read his book. The quote you have shared in this post feels so right. No religion grew further, there is no flow.

    I do not know why people demotivate each other to read and know other religions? No one gets converted. And if one does, it means teachings of other religion resonates with her/him more. It is personal choice. Many of my friends are practicing Buddhism, many around me are atheists. To each his own. ❤️

    1. Nice to know that you have started watching a documentary about Osho.. those days His cassettes were popularly sold, and I did have a few and I liked his sharing on creativity & meditation. Religion has become hot subject in our country - and people are ready to fight, argue, kill and destroy each other all in the name of saving their so called religion. If we rise a little above there is no greater religion than religion of humanity, and no greater language than language of love and service.Year after year so many lives are lost because of few people who are using religion for their own gains.I feel sad when I keep reading and hearing about people fighting in the name of religion.No doubt people who becoming conscious and learning to move beyond religion in quest for finding meaning and purpose and in the process either they follow all the religions or no religion at all:)

  4. I know about Osho but have never read his books. His sayings are very wise but I have to agree with Sandra Taylor that a rock is not dead, but I get what he is saying symbolically! Interesting post, thanks Genevive!

  5. Thank you Susan for sharing your thoughts and I am glad that you found this post Interesting... agree about the rock, and also what he trying to communicate symbolically... religion in many ways has become stagnant and bound not allowing the person to explore and evolve towards becoming spiritual beings... one can get so caught up with religion and religious instructions that one forgets religion was made for us and not vice verse .. thats how Jesus also challenged the pharisees.. as to whether sabbath was made for man or man for sabbath.

  6. Yes that’s the way to look at it -


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