March 17, 2018

#PressforProgress – Happy Women’s Day

Press for Progress is the theme for the International Women’s Day for 2018.

Happy women’s day to all you lovely women!!While I read this theme so many thoughts came to my mind and this brought to focus my own journey as a women – from childhood to adolescence and adolescence to adulthood. I don't have pictures of my childhood, these are few that I found in my album that speaks volumes of my personality:)

“Strength and growth can come only through continuous effort
 and struggle” Napoleon Hill

Early days of my life - pictures say a lot:)
We had defined boundaries as to how and what of everything concerning our lives.  How boys/men are expected to wear, behave and live their lives, and how girls and young women should be wearing?  behaving? What are the household chores needed to learn to be better equipped as women to cook, clean, wash and serve?  

My growing up years as a teenager was the worst. I was not happy being a adolescent girl as it brought in a lot of restrictions, snatched the freedom of even riding a bicycle( though I managed to learn:) without the knowledge of my parents) and wearing what I wanted to freely wear- sometimes I hated myself for being born a girl. It was an acceptable fact that no matter what I studied and what type of career I take, there are standards set by culture, traditions and religion and the challenge for me and every girl is how to rise above them and take a path less travelled.

I look back with a smile J at my long journey of 5 decades and little more; it surprises me as to how did I manage to survive with the challenges that came my way not just by men around me but also women who were conditioned to live a limited and purposeless life, and so many times they blocked their own progress in life.
Graduate with better self esteem
Thanks to my parents at least they did not stop my education, despite influences from within the family and outside influences. They were there for me at every step of my life, and could complete my graduation. I took up job immediately after my graduation in a convent school for a very small salary, and in the evening hours gave home tuitions, which helped me to take charge of myself. I could continue my education and did my first post graduation in History, and later on continued even after my marriage and child birth to complete two more, one in Sociology and another one in Psychology- making me relevant for every job I took up. I  changed so many jobs and never stopped learning.

Glad to be part of women empowerment programmes
I encourage young women to never give up learning and one is never too old to study. I believe in lifelong learning and somehow nothing could stop me from consistently make choices to update myself, build my capacities in training and evolving myself in addressing various issues, that helped me change my perspectives about a lot of things, and enabled me grow in maturity and understanding.
Paper Presentation on Violence Against women
I have successfully and positively created a space for myself both at home and at my workplace too. I have managed to play various roles without losing my identity as independent women, journeying in gratitude, counting my blessings and being thankful for all the opportunities in my life which continues to strengthen me, and builds me from within to bring meaning and fulfillment to my life. 
Riding for last three decades:)
On this occasion of International Day for Women - I had the privilege to be part of the women’s day celebration with different groups of women. To consciously value, appreciate and celebrate their achievements, be part of them as I celebrate my own achievements in life - by interacting, motivating, and sharing my own journey to what I have become today, by pressing forward to progress and with persistence and commitment to myself.
“Whatever good things we build, ends up building us” Jim Rohn

Women's day celebration at the community
It makes me feel happy that I am not alone but part of the global momentum striving to collectively mobilizing women to take an oath in identifying  alternatives that are more inclusive, challenge statements that limit women, extend opportunities to women first, campaign for equality in meaningful ways and  work towards removing all forms of barriers to women’s progress.

I never cease to thank God for all the experiences of my life – I am overwhelmed with gratitude for every person I encountered in my life for those who shared wisdom, knowledge and for those who gave me some great lessons, every experience has enabled me and empowered me to lead to wherever I am today…. and hopefully leading me to the purpose I was created for, to all the lovely tribe of women friends – I wish you more power and happiness!!

Thank you for reading my post.

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