February 23, 2018

Gratitude for February, 2018

Glad to get back once more this month to make a gratitude post, it’s one of the meaningful activities of my life, making a list of all the small little happenings and learnings that brought me happiness and joy, reliving moments are therapeutic and energizes me. I am delayed by one day to complete this post, but keen to ensure that I don’t miss the gratitude post for the month J

There were moments in this month I felt drained with energy levels going low, listening to a lot of painful experiences can influence us and even affect our physical health. I am grateful for some very lovely people with whom I can share and de stress myself.

I strongly believe that some people are destined to be part of our lives; and am glad for all the students who come to our centre, looks like they are all part of Divine plan helping me learn, understand and grow.

Here goes my list which is overwhelming me right now as I write:

This month began with the engagement of my niece, followed by her wedding – family time to be together and have some fun.

Then another opportunity for me to travel – this time both me and my daughter  attended the National Convention organized by the Young Women Christian Association, India. She was a youth delegate and I was part of the women’s team. The theme was Women against Violence, held in Goa. The place was beautiful meant for spiritual renewal and very refreshing experience for both of us, meeting different people, a lot of learning and of course, little time to move around.

We could just squeeze some time in our breaks and managed to see St Francis Xavier’s’ church, a popular saint and the distance was just a kilometer from where we stayed, so we could just take a walk and admire the beauty of the church, also pray for a while and take one small round to get the feel of the city. We visited another church at panjam and then a nearby beach. I had been to Goa years ago as a youngster and visited now after almost 3 decades. It was the first time for my daughter so with given limitation of time, we couldn’t go very far.  Nevertheless I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward for a family trip.

This month I had some discomforts in my body – I am grateful for they were pointers for being negligent. I visited the doctor and everything under controlJ As a precautionary measure, I took my T3T4 TSH and also fast blood sugar to ensure that all is well with my body, grateful that everything is fine.

This month was very busy and kept me occupied on the professional front, reports, papers, sessions and coordinating activities. 

I got back to physical fitness- once again renewing myself with yoga, meditation and practicing gratitude and keeping myself happy and vibrant.

Glad for the thoughtfulness from friends, a lovely diary of 2018, signed and given to me with love, A parcel which had a pretty saree from another friend who surprised me, then there was an expression of gratitude I truly appreciate small little acts.

I gifted myself a small book, inspired by shilpa – who writes at https://shilpaagarg.com/2018/02/read-more.html   who takes up reading challenges and  given some tips to read many books- so this month I picked up a book something light and  humorous, so got the book from Amazon, Twinkle khanna’s “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad”.  Enjoying reading, few more pages left to complete, feeling J happy could complete it before this month J

There was a session for the Telengana State Police and I was happy to be the Resource person to take one session on Communication and Leadership, once in a way I feel good to be part of training and capacity building programme, gives me a chance to work on the subject, make it relevant and  prepare.  I was  happy to interact with them and take their questions. 
featured in Sakshi:) a telugu newspaper
Featured in Andhra Jyothi, a local Telugu newspaper.
I am grateful for the care taker, Fatima who is committed to looking after my mother in law; this month my mil took bad and needed to be hospitalized, we are grateful to all the health care personnel who handled her sensitively, knowing her fears about big hospitals – they did everything possible to make her comfortable and treat her; and continued care even after being discharged. 

Linking up this post to Gratitude Circle of Vidya at https://vidyasury.com/2018/02/nothing-is-permanent-gratitude-circle.html

It’s a blessing to have people who are so caring and geriatric care is a special call, not everyone can handle this type of care. I am grateful to my sister in law who is supportive and takes responsibility along with our family.

There is so much happening all around me, and I am feeling so overwhelmed wanting to do everything at the same time J today I decided to list out so that I remember all that I want to accomplish. My daughter is getting ready for the Intermediate board exam scheduled from 28 of this month and I am completing all that is entrusted to me at my work place. 

At the same time I succeeded in writing a couple of tree love posts hosted by Parul @ http://happinessandfood.com/tag/treelove/   

Thanks to the We are the World Blogfest, a monthly event created by Damyanti Biswas and Belinda Witzenhausen to showcase stories of hope and light.

I am happy to join in spreading light and peace, here’s my post  on a dynamic lady who dared to choose and path less travelled. https://livealifeofgratitude.blogspot.in/2018/02/saalumarada-thimmakka.html

Grateful for this beautiful journey and hope to continue with the same attitude of gratitude that keeps me balanced and relaxed.  Hope your February was a great month, would love to hear from you, thank you for reading my post.

When gratitude becomes an essential foundation in our lives, miracles start to appear everywhere

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May you be blessed !!


  1. You have had your hands full this month, Genevive.
    Glad that you have such wonderful people around you and your work is enriching so many lives. Wishing your MIL a speedy recovery and all the very best to Dorothy for her exams.
    Glad that you picked up a book and enjoyed reading it too. Thanks for the mention.
    Wishing you a fabulous March, Genevive!

    1. Thank you shilpa for your presence here:) so glad and seriously I picked up that book thinking of you in mind and would like to pick up randomly small books, to finish fast, and feel a sense of accomplishment of having read a few books this year:) :) appreciate your kind words for my MIL and Dorothy, hope to stay in touch for my constant dose of inspiration, love and hugs.

  2. You’ve been a busy bee! How wonderful to lead such a fulfilling life and even more to acknowledge one’s blessings. Hope your March is equally rewarding

    1. Thanks for your presence here:) am glad to be involved, its a choice to be working in the social sector to find meaning and fulfillment and I am glad to do my bit, appreciate you for your wishes..

  3. Hello Angela, good to meet you again in the gratitude post session. Visiting Goa is a rich experience in itself. Mine is pending and I am hoping it happens sometime this year 🤞 Good to know your health checkup went well and everything is in control. Getting good help for elders is difficult, I am sure you feel blessed to have got one. 😊 Very nice to know you took time to read something this month. All the best to your daughter for her Intermediate exams. Wishing you a Momentous March.

    1. Hi Jayanthy:) am happy too to hear from you for another time:) pray and hope that your pending trip to Goa happens this year.. I am glad to pick up a couple of books to read and started with Twinkle khanna's for some humor and inspiration too.. thanks for wishing my daughter, tomorrow is her second exam and me and David are with her to help in whatever small ways we can.. wishing you love and peace to you and your family.

  4. Happy 1st of March Genevive! It's always lovely to read your posts and see the things that are worth being grateful about! Glad that your mother-in-law received good care at the hospital and after; and that YOU went to be checked out and that all is 'fine'. Good luck to Dorothy as she prepares for her intermediate board exams ...
    Your travels sound lovely ... xxx :) :) :)

    1. Hi Susan, love and hugs to you - its always a great feeling to hear from you, and thanks for your consistent affirmations which not only makes me smile but also motivates me to keep writing gratitude post.. shall convey your good luck to Dorothy as she continues to write her intermediate board exam. Travel for an opportunity:)for both me and and daughter:)

  5. Wow! How cool is that the two newspapers covered your work. Thank you for the mention. Hope your MIL feels better soon and you continue to focus on your health. So good that you could travel to Goa for work. The churches there are beautiful and glad you could find the time to visit.I agree that when we hear of tough situations and stories of others, we are inspired to be grateful.
    Wishing you a great March and keep inspiring!

    1. Thanks Parul:) I enjoy being part of training. My MIL is better, we have hired a physiotherapist as per the doc's advice- glad to be connected with you and appreciate you for your passion which reflects in your all your posts!!

  6. I love the image of your newspapers. :-) I've never seen an Indian paper before. Congratulations on your publications. Thankful Thursday Week 9 and Write a Catchy Headline!

    1. Thank you Shirley, nice to know that you loved the image of the newspaper. Its a local newspaper printed in telugu language, and it has covered the information about my session with the state police on communication and leadership. Appreciate you for connecting with me:)

    2. Thank you for linking to my post as well!

    3. You are most welcome Shirley, its my pleasure, hope to stay connected.

  7. Wow your month shas been bursting with things Genevive; what a busy month for you! All the best to your daughter for her exams!
    Health scares are best addressed immediately and am happy to note all is well with you.
    Hope your next month is equally blessed!

    1. Thanks shalz its such a warm feeling to read your comment. Thanks for the best wishes for my daughter, she is doing well so far, one more exam scheduled on 17 March 2018 which will be the last one:) Thanks for all the kind words, and I wish you a splendid March 2018.


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