October 28, 2017

Gratitude-October, 2017

October came and by the time I realized its already October, November silently stood J reminding me there is only one month left for the year to end. October was fully packed with events and celebrations.

David and me completed 18 years of our life’s journey and still growing strong J in our relationship and steady, learning from each other and evolving to be better persons, a little more compassionate and a bit  more humane J

Then comes our YWCA’s valedictory programme on UMEED – a life skill education programe for adolescent students – I was glad to be associated in all the 3 different areas wherein this progamme was held.
Life skill Education a selfie with the students:)
Birthday of my mom who is no more and I miss her in this month; as a tribute I felt like practicing kindness and got involved in some good deeds and at the end of the day I made a post for my mother with gratitude.

I loved the surprises of this month from two of my students, who are doing well and I just marvel at their expressions of gratitude:

earings and bangles handmade
I just loved the effort this person put in enabling and empowering herself to creatively deal with her issues and emerge victorious, it encourages me and makes me feel happy to see the impact of my work.
Sweets made with pure ghee:)
A student walked in with a box of pure ghee sweets only to say “THANKS” to me for he found a job for himself and he is now doing extremely well …. He used to visit our centre and very confused about his career, despite being highly qualified … that was few years ago; today he is well settled and the energy he brought in the centre as he walked in was simply awesome and I was happy to interact and listen to his success story.

I loved the vintage pic, my classmate subhandra sent this college photo, our final year graduation picture bringing so many memories of the college days of my life, overwhelming me and filling me with immense gratitude.

This month David’s prayer group celebrated their 22nd anniversary celebrations in our parish community; to time to appreciate and affirm all those involved in this group and serve the community in small ways, a group that leads the community to worship, the choir that sings regularly, the volunteers who serve in the health clinic and also preparing food and being available to visit the sick and needy in our community.

This month I was delayed in getting my bike insurance renewed, but grateful for my friend Neomi who got that done and made my life so simple and easy; otherwise it’s a time consuming affair. I feel blessed to have her in my life and it’s nice to be surrounded by people who show care and concern.  

This month we have a new addition in our family J a new bike that arrived on our anniversary day and it’s a pleasure to for us, as all three of us can ride the same... It’s been a long time David needed a bike so I and my daughter planned a surprise and thanks to all those people who guided us in choosing the colour, brand and enabling us to have smooth transactions with the dealers. I am thankful to Sam my nephew who was very helpful and guided me in making the right choice of the two wheeler.

This month I did not have a helper at home and so it was a great time for all three of us to share the household work; I am always grateful to God for David who looks at the maintainance of the house and my daughter who is very supportive to both of us.

We had a couple of weddings to attend in our extended family circles – so it was a break time for us to just take time out and chill J

I am grateful for this month – for so many happenings, happy to be alive and healthy, our basic needs are met, we have meaningful work to do with family and friends being loving and supportive.

How was your October? would love to hear; and thanks for reading my post J


  1. Such a lovely post Genevive - and your photos are gorgeous! You're so right there is so much to be grateful for and you acknowledge this so well in the meaningful milestones. Thank you for sharing -

    1. Thank you susan, for the compliments, you are so very generous and kind, appreciate you so much. Love and hugs to you:)


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