September 10, 2017

Take a minute change a Life # World Suicide Prevention Day

Glad to take part in the run organized today 10th September 2017. “World suicide prevention Day” The programme was inaugurated by a dynamic IPS officer followed by a series of short messages and then there was a run for 2 kms.

I got up early hours by 4.30 a.m and took my daughter along with me to the venue, and was happy to see quite of lot of youngsters from different colleges, also from NGOs and Nursing school students. As we moved along, there was high level of energy in the air with slogans relate to suicide prevention, students/volunteers/NGOs with banners & placards.

This year’s theme is “Take a minute, change a life” if each of us commits to give a minute to those in distress, we can make a definite difference. Suicide is a cry for help, an opportunity to give hope to the one who feels not only hopeless, but looks for a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

There are so many examples of persons: who were rescued, because there was one soul willing to - give time, listen without judging, smile and hold hand, hug to communicate they are not alone in their battles; and some who have gone out of the way and linked them to the right places where they could get help.

Whatever little one can do to save a life; let’s do it – none of us are called to walk alone, we are powerful when we are together.

Together we walk!!

Together we make a Difference in the lives of those in distress.

Suicide Prevention is everyone’s responsibility!! Let us spread awarenessJ

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Be Blessed & Be happy!


  1. Oh, my friend, that was wonderful to read. So happy to see your lovely smile in those pictures, and for that great cause!! Yay to you and everyone participating. I lost a friend who chose to end her life, so this means so much for me. Thank you for enganging, for caring and for being the wonderful caring warm person you are my friend. Lots of love to you:-)

    1. Thanks Eli, appreciate your compliments, am already smiling :) so sad to hear that you lost a friend who chose to end her life.... no words can comfort the family and friends... very sad, motivates me to do more when I hear things like this.. this whole month, our centre will focus on spreading awareness...Love and Hugs to you dear.

  2. Wow! You walked the talk, literally and figuratively, Genevive. So proud of you! Hugs! ♥

    1. Thanks shilpa, I feel happy being involved, infact derive energy from these activities, thanks for your compliments, Love to you:)


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