September 29, 2017

Super September 2017  A Gratitude Post

I call this month a blessed one as it was filled with so many events, celebrations and activities and at the same time keeping me fit and in good health. September welcomed me with series of birthdays of all those whom I love and fond of – beginning with David’s niece - 5 year old child, followed by my daughter and my nephew’s child, and continued by a few of my friends.

It’s always a pleasure to celebrate birthdays as it reminds me constantly gift of life and love – a joyful day to remember and remind the person how happy and grateful we are; even though we don’t really have to wait for birthdays to appreciate and affirm – still birthdays remain always special for me.

While I am happy about the gift of life; I am sad about lives lost due to suicides- the world suicide prevention day was a time to spread awareness on the need to value and save lives enabling those who are suffering to believe that   depression is treatable and suicide is preventable, I was glad to be part of the process in collaborations with other agencies in sensitizing about this public health issue.

There was also another major life threatening issue our city of Hyderabad is facing – and all the institutions specially the colleges and some of elite schools have taken it seriously and have been campaigning for the last few months, saying NO to Drugs. 

It was a privilege for me to get involved in one of the girls colleges in the city to do a prevention programme by providing all the information required to help the youngsters stay away from Substance Use. It was a small initiative impacting 600 youngsters and the management is now serious about equipping the youth with life skill programmes which will address most the issues they face.

This month was the last month for three persons of which two of them were good friends who are no more; a priest friend whose sudden death came as a surprise and shock, a creative person and have interacted closely with him, it hurts when you know someone closely and when they die young. Another person was elderly person who has been suffering and gradually gave up. 

The third person was a young man who died suddenly; leaving two small children and his wife. Death is a good reminder for me to live for the day and live to the fullest, as its just one life and life has no replays. I am motivated with this thought of giving my best in whatever I do and to be able to find meaning in everything I take up in my life.

There was also an awareness programme for the teenagers on how to create safe spaces; I was glad to be associated with this programme, interacting with the teenage girls is always fun and an energizing experience for me. This was organized by the Young women Christian association, Secunderabad. This month was also election and candle light ceremony at the YWCA Secunderabad.

I am happy that National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has given its results, Osmania University Hyderabad is given A+. This process happens once in five years and Sahayam Psychological Counseling Center was set up due to the recommendations of NAAC visit in the previous years; as a team we were glad that the peer team visited the counseling centre for discussions and recommendations.

September was busy for my daughter Maria Dorothy too – there was parent teachers meeting, and it was a different experience for me in the college, meeting all the teachers and then we went out for a good meal. After which there was a planning meeting for the teenagers programme at YWCA which was scheduled for 20th of September. 

College life has made her very busy, travelling by bus with her friends has given certain amount of freedom and space to be on her own, we are happy that she is managing quite well. There was a class picnic to one of the resorts called the “Great Escape” in Hyderabad and we encouraged her to go – as she was conscious about the financial investment we were making as parents.(as we had already agreed her for the study tour and David paid the amount).  

Being the only daughter we want her to take all the opportunities for travel and learning’s, though we are aware of our limitations – I do appreciate her thought process, and checking with us in order to understand our financial status and working within the boundary J

This month, my daughter Maria Dorothy went out for a study tour from the college, to Kerala for a week and I was glad that she is getting opportunities not only to learn but also to travel along with their college mates and have fun. Myself and David missed her 10 days and it’s a happy moment that she is back home.

Happy for a wedding in our community and it’s nice to meet people whom you know and connect with, for me it’s also a family outing wherein we are together for those few hours chatting and enjoying a good dinner together.

I watched one Hindi Movie by name “Newton” along with my daughter and neighbor- this movie was very different from the regular and usual ones. This movie speaks about how a presiding officer on election duty tries to run a free and fair election in one of the remotest area of central India. Enjoyed watching this movie – Rajkummar Rao did an excellent job almost lived his role J and it was interesting to watch how despite all the challenges he manages to have the election. Those inclined towards social issues will definitely enjoy this movie…

I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving in my heart for the month of September, above all the things I have shared – I am grateful to be ALIVE, ACTIVE, ACCOMPLISHING THAT WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME – FAMILY, FREINDS MEANINGFUL WORK AND GOOD HEALTH.

How was your September 2017?
What do you want to be grateful for ?
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Thanks for listening :)

Be Blessed and Be Happy!!


  1. Lovely post Genevive thank you for sharing it! Your life was touched with sadness at the sudden deaths and the sadness of those left behind but in spite of this always there is much to be grateful for. Your heart overflows with kindness, awareness, love and gratitude ..

    1. Thank you Susan, I appreciate your kind words - agree with you that despite what is gone and lives lost... there is still a lot to be grateful for and I am glad to focus on all those aspects that keeps me on track and enables me to be positive and focused on what matters most in life:)

  2. Lovely month round up Angela. I liked reading your post and how you enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you for being here, feels good and motivated to know that you like my post Jayanthy:)

  3. Death is such a great leveller - it brings to our consciousness how short life can be and how lucky we are to be living it at the moment.
    Your september sounds very cheerful and busy Genevive; wishing you a very happy Ocotber too :-)

    1. True dear, like it or not we all have to accept the reality:) for me every time some one dies... Its a pause to relook at my life and I keep motivating myself to closely examine what truly matters in life:) thanks for your good wishes, appreciate you for being here and hoping that your september would have been great...

  4. I enjoyed your commentary about the ups and downs of the month. You are doing such meaningful work.

    1. Thank you:) appreciate you for your kind words...


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