July 28, 2017

Gratitude List for July 2017

Welcomed July with immense joy J
Remembrance is the most precious feature of the virtue of gratitude. I feel glad and rich for the ability to continuously remember all the good things in my life, and eternally thank God for the blessings.

For me acknowledging everything around me and in me has become a way of life and has kept me balanced and motivated. Gratitude has kept me busy- constantly looking for the good in myself and others and focusing on all that is entering my life and my family.

So here goes my gratitude list as follows:

You may not be where you want to be; but you can look back and be THANKFUL! You are not where you used to be. 
Joel Osteen

Regular help that I receive to do my household work, giving me time to walk and stretch to be fit and healthy.

Phone calls from my friends, on a regular basis checking on my health, sometimes mentoring me and complimenting me for the commitment to myself in terms shedding some weightJ and at other times for the work I do.

Thoughtfulness of a good friend, Neomi who called me  for lunch at her kitty party, allowing me to feast after a hard days of work and tasting some very good food. The Gongura mutton biryani (telugu cuisine) at Amaravathi- new joint opened recently in our city and enjoying dark chocolates shared by one of the generous member in the party.

I am grateful for Sam my nephew for inviting me to family day celebrations at his office, GE Synchrony and taking me and my daughter around his new office at the knowledge city in Hyderabad. It was fun meeting some of my friends too who had come with their families.

image clicked by Maria Dorothy- knowledge city
I also printed some beautiful pictures of our Shillong trip and watching the albums with my daughter, I relived beautiful memories of places visited.

I am also grateful for connecting with my eldest nun sister’s friends, who in the absence of my sister Bartholomeu (who died at an early age of 26 as a Nun in the convent) encouraged and motivated me to pursue my further studies.

I was happy to hear that she was in our city for a retreat, so invited her home for lunch and catch up with her. It was great spending some time with her after almost a decade and half - interacting with her and recalling old memories was enough to me happy and joyful.

I was surprised with a Cadbury chocolate from one of my neighbor friend Lucy, who recalled in one of our conversations that I loved cashew nuts and so suddenly out of the blue I found her coming with the chocolate after dinner J it was yummy and made me feel so good.

I am thankful to have met an old parishioner and good friend Jenny, a kind and lovely soul who inspire and motivates and spending some time, having my favorite fruit drink in the evening hours, catching up with her family was a memorable experience too.

I am grateful to   Parul’s  Thursday Tree Love      wherein I participate every  week for a whole month on posting Trees  is an amazing experience and gives me so much to think and connect with nature, and helps me reflect, is very fulfilling experience.

Glad to celebrate the birthday of my sister in law, and spending time in my in laws place, enjoying the cake and the dinner.
Gratitude for annual day celebration at my daughter’s college, I had a great time watching the programme, and listening to inspiring words by the chief guests and could also go out for lunch with my daughter, brought me memories of my college day and how much I enjoyed being part of the very same college my daughter is in.
Annual Day at St Francis Junior college, secunderabad
The beautiful part of practicing gratitude in my life is – it is training my mind to constantly record, write down everything I am experiencing and immediately getting stored in the memory, easy to retrieve bringing me happiness in the moment.

Happy to be part of the YWCA (Young women Christian Association, Secunderabad) this month I learnt something valuable concerning millets, its utility and benefits to be added in our diet, grateful for this programme I attended.

I am truly blessed to have received the learning very early in my life; the elders, teachers, my parents and some of the beautiful authors have all told and reinforced in my life the value of gratitude.

Whenever I interact with my students and teach them to train their minds to focus on the positive – I am hearing myself loudly and the process internally gets strengthened in me and I feel happy that I needed to hear myself through another person’s learning J.

I am glad as the month is ending – I am continuing still to record all that is happening to post in the coming month, I hope you had a great month too and what are you thankful for?????

You are welcome to join us, for more details check the below link.

Would love to hear from you !! Thank you for reading my post J

Wishing you a happy and peaceful weekend !!
Stay Blessed !!


  1. Wonderful ,Blessed to be a Blessing

    1. Love and hugs to you, appreciate you for all that you are and for the special invitation:)

  2. I loved the quote you have shared in this blogpost Angela, it's a keeper. Nice to read about so many varied happenings in a month for other people. Journaling them is a good way to recap at a point later on. Wishing you a splendind August.

    1. Thank you for being here friend, I am glad that you liked the quote here, yes I do agree with you Journaling helps us to remember and relive those moments in gratitude, I wish you a great August. Blessings to you :)

  3. It's so heartwarming to know about the various engagements that made you smile and happy last month. You look so contented and happy in all the pictures, Genevive. Touch wood!

    1. Thanks shilpa dear:) I feel truly blessed in so many ways, I am happy to see every month unfolding and surprising me in new ways, just grateful for everything.


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