June 24, 2017

Tea Factory

Taking a short break in Ooty was refreshing to me, as I love nature, to be surrounded by hills and trees and breathing in fresh air, away from the noise and pollution in the city is worth the time and effort.

One of the places we enjoyed visiting was the tea factory, as we had our daughters with us – we felt it would be an interesting experience to see the tea factory.  There is 5 rupees entry ticket and we are shown the whole process of how tea is made and at the end of the tour we are given a hot cup of tea to drink. I walked along as I saw how the tea leaves were withered, fixed, oxidized, rolled and dried and segregated, different flavors added to it. 

We clicked a few pictures as we were led around in the factory.

Now I am mindful when I take tea J as I drink with gratitude bringing to my mind the whole process that goes in before it reaches my cup. 

“There is no need to have any special attitude while drinking except one of thankfulness.
The nature of tea itself is that of no mind.” Pojong Sunim


  1. Watching how things are made in factories is a fascinating experience. I have never been to a tea factory but have seen the cars being made at Maruti Udyog Ltd, Cakes at Britannia and manufacturing of tablets and capsules at Cipla and Unichem Laboratories. It's wonderful that they allow visitors to see the whole process and I know how amazing it would be to think of it all whenever you are having your cup of tea :))

    1. Wow shilpa so nice to know that you have seen various kinds of process in making of cars, biscuits, tablets, capsules :) rightly said its a great learning experience widening our knowledge in understanding the process and makes us sensitive and grateful.. so nice to connect with you :) hugs to you !

  2. Lovely to read this - such a process involved and the end product always a joy! Nothing like a hot cuppa of tea - all kinds, Chai to Earl Grey, ordinary to rooibos - I have a cupboard full of different kinds of tea - thanks Genevive, coming up for 4.00 pm my side - when the kettle will be switched on!

    1. Thank you Susan I am glad you are here and appreciate you for your constant and supportive affirmations:) Yes I have reduced my cups of tea .. but whenever I want to and feel like drinking, I make my own cup of tea.. I kept a green tea packet at my workplace and would sip whenever I took break from sessions... I Have not heart of Earl Grey and rooibos :) :) I went to google and checked and was quite fascinated to learn about Rooibos and its health benefits, thanks for helping me learn something new today ... Happy tea time:) Enjoy yourself:) its 4pm in my watch and the weather is cool, it has rained last evening and morning there were showers... waiting to reach home for a cup of tea, take care!!


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