June 12, 2017

First Day in College For Maria Dorothy!

Today is the first day in college for my daughter Maria Dorothy; the school journey for the last 12 years has come to an end. A goodbye to all  the school teachers from LKG to class X who have labored, day in and day out, took care of the academics , encouraged, disciplined and motivated the class to perform.

When a school gets 100% results – the credit goes to everyone, the whole team – Management, teaching and non teaching staff, my thanks to all of them.  The routine of my life has changed and so are the needs of my daughter. Today as I worked in the kitchen making breakfast, packing her lunch box I was feeling immensely grateful for this day.

This day reminded me of so many things, not just the experience of 12 years of schooling; but my heart brought to my mind memories of all those lovely souls who were part of the journey with me and our family.

Those friends who gave me their valuable time to guide me in choosing the school, giving me tips for easy snacks for interval time in school and creative ways of packing lunch J

For those noble souls who supported me financially when I needed the most; who were ready to step in and just give me a lift when I was struggling to deal with my son’s illness… a thanks to all my beloved friends from the bottom of my heart J

For the service providers both within the school -  the women  who took care of my daughter and helped her stay neat and tidy till the end of the day; the drivers who took safely everyday driving almost 10 – 12 kms to and fro and dropped her at our bus stop J

For our neighbours who were readily available to extend their love by reaching out in keeping our daughter in their house, showing warmth and hospitality - when we were struck in the office, at times in the traffic or at other moments when we were attending meetings/workshops/trainings as part of our work.

For our the other apartment children older to my daughter, but helpful in solving  mathematical problems ; drawings for science, pencil sketches and other forms of project works that they readily helped her with – a thanks to all of them for the help.

For my brother Francis family – who were always welcoming us whenever we went to their place which was closer to the school premises. Myself and my daughter used to visit them whenever we had parent teacher meetings, since they were on our way to school – we would meet all the teachers, take feedback and on our way back home, stop by at my brother’s house for lunch and spend the afternoon with my nephews kids; who used to be very excited to play with my daughter.

I loved all those times when the kids sang, danced and told us their silly jokes, stories and play childish games. We used to feel so refreshed at the end of the day.

The last year of the school Dorothy was finding maths tough and after a lot of search we found a teacher who was willing to teach her in the evening hours. I appreciate her for being accommodative and flexible in timing as the bus used to come late due to traffic and the teacher was kind enough to teach, she also took special interest in calling her on holidays and giving her mock tests.

I can never forget all those lovely souls who have touched my life and now I look back with gratitude and say:

 “Thank you Lord for accompanying me in our journey” Help me be a good companion to all those who need my help in small or big ways. Give me the grace to be generous and share whatever you have given me freely. Teach me to walk in your path and trust in your goodness, mercy and compassion.

Enable and empower me to reach out to the poor, weak and the broken hearts; May I be true to my calling as I find fulfillment in the work I do.

“Always remember people who have helped you along the way, and don’t forget to lift someone up” Roy T Bennett. The Light in the Heart.

Thank you for reading this post !

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing !


  1. This is amazing Genevive. All good wishes to Dorothea as she sets out on another journey - and you as well -

    1. Thanks Susan, appreciate your good wishes to me and our daughter, we are hopeful that everything will work out for the greater good. Love and Hugs.

  2. Oh, she is so sweet. Bless you and your family dear Genevive. The memories are treasures. Lovely post. I always feel such positivity when I read your blog - happy for you - and all the best to you all for the next chapter. Big hugs

    1. Hey thanks so much for your blessings dear friend, your enthusiasm and energy is something that I admire about you, love and hugs to you too and its an honour for me to have you here. cheers :)


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