June 20, 2017

Coonor Sim’s Park, near Ooty

Decorated only with fruits
“The greatest gift of the garden is restoration of the five senses” 
Hana Rion

“It is always our own self that we find, at the end of the journey. 
The sooner we face that self the better” Ella Mailart

Grateful & Happy!


  1. All so beautiful! Thank you for these lovely photos - and quotes Genevive!

    1. You are most welcome susan, I was filled with so much awe:) standing in this place and going around this garden..

  2. The animals are decorated with fruits too!?! Amazing.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics and some food for thought too :)

    1. The first time I saw from the distance I just felt its a decoration; I went closer and my God :) it was so beautifully decorated with fruits:) stood there for some time admiring and took some pics... I am reliving once again shilpa..its my pleasure to share what I loved !!


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