November 1, 2018

15th Death Anniversary of My Mother Rosemary!

In memory of my mother - I am reposting  this once again with gratitude in my heart for all that she was and continues to be my inspiration. 

 May her soul rest in peace.

My Mom's favourite flowers
“The greatest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude”
Thornton Wilder quotes

1st November, 2003 was the saddest day of my life; and I remember clearly I was carrying my second child (Emmanuel) and was in the 8th month pregnancy. Just two month ago before she died, my mom visited my place, assured me of her presence in the hospital and bid me good bye. 

In the next two months so much happened in her life, that she became very helpless and despite all problems she did fight till the end.  Her last birthday was celebrated on 25 October, 2003 at St Theresa’s hospital and I did not want to miss it.

So I took David my husband with me to visit her at the hospital, and for the last time helped her to wear the blue colour saree which I picked up for her, combed her hair and kissed her. She was so happy and humorous, spoke to every visitor who came to see her. She invited the nurses in the ward, as I sang the happy birthday to her and made her cut the cake. With a smiling face she called those around her proudly introducing me as her daughter and shared the cake.  

“People never die as long as someone remembers them” author unknown

She was discharged and within few days she went back to the hospital, never to return home. I am lucky to have had her as my mother; she just completed primary level of education, married while she was still in her teens (15 years) had nine children, took a lot of responsibility (while she came from her home, being the only daughter) of being very generous with all that she had in her life, being extremely accommodative to her brother and his family, who comfortably spent all the summer vacations with us. Also to her brother in law and his family (my dad’s elder brother) wherein two of their children spent all their holidays with us.

She cooked very well, and was known for making delicious sambar, chicken, pork, beef and biryani; she was very fond of dressing well, and used to plan well in advance for herself and for us. She loved to read the scripture in the church and with great difficulty would manage to do the Tamil reading for mass. She was always early for mass, would occupy the first bench and enjoyed the Tamil sermons and songs... She knew every child’s requirements and effortlessly made sure that our needs were met.  I recall all those moments when I was sick with headache, fever, toothache, stomach pain and backache … she was ready to serve me with hot coffee, light dinners and a gentle massage.

My mom with my aunt and my elder sister
She loved to socialize and go around sightseeing, cinemas – I remember seeing so many Tamil movies, which used to play in Natraj (patny) and Sangeet theatre, and were only morning shows. I watched her wear designer blouses, and admired the way she would take me to the market to buy matching glass bangles for herself and flowers, and also buy the same for us, during festival time.

She used to visit specific shops for the vegetables, meat and the other requirements needed for the house. I enjoyed accompanying her to the market, and eating whatever I wanted, sometimes fruits, juices, sweets and at other times, also snack the vegetarian hotel… dosa was always my favourite with a special cup of masala tea.

my mom with my brothers and sister
She was with me till I got married in October, 1999; I was the last child to get married and can never forget those parting moments. Within four years by 1st November 2003... She is no more...  but continues to live in my life!!

Every Year this day I recall and remember with gratitude ...

With love


  1. This is a beautiful tribute. I do a lot of genealogy research, and it is always illuminating to find people's accounts of their parents and other close family members. "Official" records only tell the very basics of a people's lives without capturing their hearts and souls as you have done.

    1. Thanks for being here; and I appreciate you for taking time to read and comment. I am glad to hear and thanks once again & God bless you!!

  2. RIP Gmaa and Rachel and Emmu
    As Always mind blowing words and phrases
    Wonderful love
    All Glory to Jesus the King of Mercy
    Love you

    1. Thanks Sam, appreciate you for all that you do. Glad to connect with you here and may God bless you today and always !

  3. I agree with 'anonymous' - a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mother Rosemary, who clearly had a loving soul, Genevieve.

    “The greatest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude” - such a profound quote. May she live on forever in your heart and in those who knew and loved her.

    1. Thanks Susan for being here, its always a pleasure to hear from you. I am glad you liked the quote and yes I can never forget her, in my life and this phase when I am feeling sick, she often comes to my mind, and I feel thankful and blessed.

  4. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mom, Genevive. I am sure, she is smiling at you from wherever she is. Loved that profound T Wilder's quote. Stay strong and stay blessed!

    1. Thanks to you shilpa, you are so caring and thoughtful, I am surprised how I did not see this comment, till today, love and hugs to you and appreciate you for your encouraging words:)


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