May 30, 2016

Visit to Shillong

This day we had the morning breakfast out in a Bengali restaurant and then later o spent full day sightseeing in Shillong:
Breakfast - Puri sabji, chaat and sweet
The first place to visit in the city was a beautiful lake called the Wards Lake which is located in the heart of the city, adjoining to the Governor\s Residence.
Boating available
Wards Lake:  Shaped like a horseshoe, it is one of the prominent hang-out spot in Shillong. This century old lake was built by an engineer named Mr. Pollock. Hence it is also known to be as "Polok's Lake". One can opt for boating and pleasant walks on the cobbled sand stone pathways covered with varieties of flowers. 

a small bridge

A selfie together

The traditional dress of khasi tribe

Lovely lotus plant 
The lake also has an arched bridge from where one can feed the fish. We went around this beautiful place clean and well maintained, with huge green lawns and plenty of trees around. 

In a boat ride
The water is clean and yes we can feed the fish with popcorn and watch the way the fishes jump an open their mouths to take the popcorns. We went for a boat ride and took some pictures in this place and just roamed around, the weather was pleasant and by noon we headed for lunch.

Happy & Grateful to continue the journey..


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