May 31, 2016

Don Bosco Museum

The Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures at DBCIC (Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures) is Asia's largest Museum of Indigenous Cultures of its kind. In it the visitor can have an overview of the whole of North East India.

Raising into Shillong's skyline the Museum is a seven storey building with 17 well laid out Galleries of international standard containing artefacts, paintings, fibreglass figures - all a feast to the eyes and a source of knowledge. The topmost Gallery is where the visitors can relax and enjoy some of the rare dances of the North East. The displays are too good with appropriate lightings which are automatic, the moment you step in the room the lights are on and when we move out it’s off by itself. There is a television in every floor that gives you information about the display.

There is also a auditorium which gives you a overview of this Museum, very well made with a inspiring background song sung by young people. There is also a place for taking photographs in the tribal dress and I encouraged Dorothy to wear another form of tribal dress and take photos (Jantia). Right on the top there is something called the sky walk with well laid railings that is in a circular shape leading you to the top of the Museum from where one can see the whole city.

There are entry tickets for this place, they charge Rs 100/- and another Rs 50/- for the cell phone camera. The place is well maintained and is worth the visit.We clicked plenty of pictures, just posting a few of them.

After walking around this museum we were tired and just passed through the Lady Hydari Park which is dedicated to the first lady of the province, Lady Hydari, wife of the Governor o Assam. This park has a variety of plants and orchids in Japanese style. Then we also passed the Shillong Golf Course which is covered with thick groves of pine and rhododendron trees. It is the third oldest Golf Course in India. There is also a huge Golf Stadium, wherein we found the popular preacher from Chennai Tamilnadu, Paul and Stella Dhinakaran prayer meeting in progress.

By then we were already late for Dinner and so went to a popular Chinese restaurant and tried noodles for dinner which was yummy, and then came back to our rooms to rest with gratitude. 

Since it was closing time for the Restaurant, we couldn't click pictures in this place. I just made mental notes in my mind to remember this place, which is called EC – which is located in the police centre. Another meaningful and enjoyable day, and I am grateful for all these experiences!!


  1. Gorgeous photos Genevive thank you and this sounds like an amazing place to visit. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Hi Susan its my pleasure and this is our North Eastern part of India and I just loved travelling here...


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