May 13, 2016

A-Z Reflections -April 2016

I am glad to make this post taking a step backward on the previous month April challenge; and relive with gratitude for successfully completing the 26 days challenge. My heartfelt thanks to the organizers Arlee bird and his team who created this space to blog for a whole month of April.  It was a great experience, participating for the fourth time gave me some confidence and also motivation to believe in myself that I could do it.

The theme was new and it made me think reflect on my own journey of life and my relationship with David. I could give a pat on my back to see how I have grown playing various roles of a wife, mother, sister in law and daughter in law and girl friend J too.  Connecting with so many relationships along the journey was fun and I have no regrets to what has gone by.

I enjoyed blogging each and every day; some days it was easy as I pre scheduled my post, other days I found it challenging because I was not content and satisfied by what I wrote; so I changed till the last moment and posted.

The best part of the challenge was meeting with very inspiring bloggers who shared beautifully and generously. Even though I wanted to visit many more bloggers; I could manage only a few and hopefully I would try to visit a few more in this month. This year  I was able to read the following blogs for inspiration and did enjoy reading a variety of topics.

Thank all these bloggers and many more whom I have just read a few; but could not sustain with till the end of the month.  I learnt so much from reading these blogs which made me a little more knowledgeable; Thanks for all those who stopped by and visited my page and made me happy. Appreciation for all of them, and I do hope to continue to visit as and when I can.  A BIG thank you once again to all the organizers and wishing all of you God’s blessings !

Be Happy !!


  1. So cool you found the Challenge so rewarding! I hope to link up with you and others for the Gratitude Circle.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Thanks for being here and I am glad to hear that you would want to link up with gratitude circle, appreciate you for your comment !


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