March 31, 2016

Grateful for March 2016

The month of March was a very interesting one and I am so glad that there are so many things in this month I want to be thankful for- learnings in attending workshops on mindfulness to evolving a research paper for a National workshop on criminal Justice in India- recent trends. Despite all these schedules, I was happy to go out for a picnic and have some fun – I was touched by the generosity of one of our members who invited us to her farm; along with few more ladies and my daughter I spent a full day relaxing and distressing myself.

Mindfulness workshop
One incident that really touched my heart was my visit to Asha Jyothi which is a care and support centre for the HIV&AIDS patients and also kids. This is 60 kms away from the city; with very few AIDS patients and around 70 kids in the age group of 5- 17 years of age. Some of them are positive and the others have lost their parents.  Despite this background the children were active and there was high level of energy, with singing, dancing they welcomed us.

children dancing at the home
I loved the way they welcomed us and danced as if no one was watching, enjoying every step with a cheerfulness. For a moment I forgot where I was and was just admiring their cheerfulness, spreading so much of positivity around. I came to know through their caretakers that they have seen death so closely and are so close to each other. They have seen their friends suffering and dying, and still they continue to go to school, thankful for whatever they get; and so generous and willing to sing, dance and entertain those who come to see them.

Meeting them was a refreshing experience; the joy of their faces and the enthusiasm they had in performing on stage, was a mind blowing experience. I came home inspired by these kids and was telling myself how easily we get disturbed by the little in conveniences in life; and here are the kids who are bringing smiles and cheers to those around them, despite their status and not knowing how the future is going to be… I enjoyed interacting with them and affirmed them for their courage and happiness that they displayed. Made them laugh loud to de-stress and thanked them for inspiring me.
I came home rejuvenated with heart full of gratitude for this experience.  I could not stop myself but share with my family.
A Picnic with the ladies to a farm
This month March 8 being the women’s day celebration, the YWCA organized a session on Thyroid and thyroid diseases followed by testing at subsidized rates. Being the evening hours I was happy to take my daughter too for a testing… so I had opportunity to interact with the lady doctor who took the session, also clarify some doubts and at the same time could get the testing done.

At my workplace, I had 18 students regularly visiting me for counseling and sharing their problems; happy for this fulfilling experience, and for the trust placed in me. I was also busy interacting with a few departments on orienting on psychological counseling to bring in awareness among our campus students.

At the home front, Maria Dorothy my daughter had 10 days study holidays prior to her exams; and am glad that she made her own study plan and managed most of her studies herself and my involvement was minimal. She also did a bit of housework and independently stayed studying an helping herself with whatever she needed. I am glad that she wrote the all the papers well and now ready to go to class X. Together we went to school and picked up the books for the next academic year. She covered her books with the help of her friend, and then she took help from David to write the names on the books.

This month was my nephew’s son Nathan’s birthday which was on good Friday, so me and my daughter visited his place and celebrated in advance and spent time playing with the kids, which was a great experience.
Fun with kids
We got pumpkin from the farm and I never attempted to make a curry; this month I learnt via Google as to how to make pumpkin curry adding chole. Enjoyed trying something new and was appreciated at home. I gained confidence to do any other dish with pumpkin.

Pumkin curry
Being the season of lent, David was busy attending prayer services in our community, and simultaneously also organizing the prayers. This season also helped us to consciously do some random acts of kindness; which we were happy to be involved. We also fasted and prayed as much as we could  and celebrated a quiet Easter with few of our very close friends in our neighbourhood.

I am happy to participate in the A-Z challenge for 2016 and also wrote a theme reveal post and currently busy making posts for the coming month.

Thanks for being here; would love to hear from you :) :)


  1. You have a great list Angela for march. Especially, your visit to Asha Jyothi, might have been a refreshing experience. All the best for A2Z challenge :-)

    1. Thanks Mahathi, I am so glad to have you here and appreciate your kind words... all the very best to you too..hope you are participating in the A-Z challenge this month:)

  2. Lovely post Genevive to greet me this Friday morning - always inspiring and such a reminder of so much to be grateful for! Loved the photos too ..

    1. Thanks Susan for your regular dose of affirmations, I just love and look forward to connect with you, hope to stay in touch and look forward to your post in this A-Z challenge ... I enjoyed every post last time on dreams :)

  3. Hi Angela. Loved your post. Really nice to learn about your visit to Asha Jyothi. The ladies' day out also seemed refreshing. The pumpkin curry looked yum. I hope you all enjoyed it.

    All the best for your A- Z Challenge. :)

    1. Thanks dear, thats so kind of you to visit this space and am so glad to know that you loved my post, thanks for your affirmation :) and yes !! all the very best to you too for the A-Z Challenge

  4. You seemed to have a full and busy March.Those kids look so happy - it really doesn't take much, does it? Good luck for the A to Z.

    1. Yes March was not only full and busy, but also happy and meaningful, thanks for being here and my best wishes to your for A-Z challenge :)


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