February 24, 2016

Grateful for month of February 2016

My gratitude list for this month, in no particular order:

1.My neighbor who lent me the cooking gas; when the gas got over in the middle of making dinner for my family; it was such a chaos in the kitchen for me; and it’s a blessing to have a kind friend who lent her gas and helped me complete my task. What a relief and blessings to have such people around.
For Dr Evita Fernandez who went out of her way to organize some of the scans in her hospital;  for me I was a bit nervous about these scans/tests which is important and  part of being healthy.

2.For Subhandra, my friend - for sharing lunch and celebrating her birthday in advance; who later on I came to know that she has stopped celebration after her mom’s death; she got so emotional to cut the cake and the surprise was too much for her to handle…. We did not even know her mother passed away and after so many years it was a reunion of college mates… and the lovely heartfelt thank you message I received from her.
with college mates for lunch
3.For completing two books in between my work; “Secret,” and “Secret the Power” both by th same author Rhonda Byrne. Very motivational and inspiring book and I am so grateful to God to have begun with these two books which has a powerful message on the law of love; gratitude and power of imagination. Loved reading this so much; that I started jotting down important phrases for myself for practicing affirmation to help me stay positive and grateful..

4.For enjoying the coconut water daily with my daughter;  the city is flooded with coconuts now and sold for a very less price, so I am carrying everyday  tender coconut for both of us; to give my daughter when she comes back from  school. As she loves drink and eat the tender coconut.

5.Thankful for the homeopathy doctor who helped me and my daughter to bring changes in meal plans at home and at office. So I have now cut completely meat and replaced it with vegetarian cooking… in the process am exploring a variety of ways to make the curries nutritious as well as tasty to encourage ourselves to stay healthy.

Money plant

6.I am glad to have picked up  a small money plant, loved the look of it and brought it home like a small baby and started watering it every day.  I bought two more pots as I heard from one of our friends that these grow very fast and we must put a support so that it can climb and move on. It gives me a happy feeling whenever I look at it, and I do not forget to water it daily…. There’s a nice feeling to look at the green leaves and smile... I got Dorothy and David involved in looking after these babies and Dorothy is happy and even named the two saplings.

my daughter's gift
7.I was surprised to get a gift –( beautiful earrings) from my daughter on the valentine’s day, She got that with her pocket money.  This year she told me that she has always received from me, and felt like giving me a surprise, she brought a smile on my face and felt happy with her gesture.
Family outing to a shrine of Infant Jesus, 27 kilometers from where we reside; was glad to spend half day in the church together. Came home and made some special lunch and it was nice time of togetherness.

appetising desert after a delicious dinner
8.Grateful for good company of friends;  two of my friends, called me saying they were stressed and were looking for an opportunity to meet; so we planned for a movie – Fitoor based on Charles dickens’s novel “the great expectations”. We enjoyed this beautiful  Hindi movie; and then spent some time snacking together expressing ourselves and updating one another of what s happening and then came back with thankfulness in my heart. I am also grateful for a few outings as a family, mostly attending celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and get together.

9.This month, I lost my niece Rachel and it was the most shocking news to me; and I felt very sad because she died so young. So many thoughts about her, I already made a post; I am grateful for her for having come into our lives and creating memories for us. Today it’s more a gratitude and less grief.

10.I am thankful to Vidya for the Gratitude Circle for all her efforts in helping me stay motivated; and also for her generosity in sharing her knowledge and skills. I would love to stay and touch and remain grateful. Thanks Vidya

Another month of the year 2016 is getting over, and I am glad that it was a great month, and I look forward  with  optimism and hope for the coming months !!

Be Blessed & Be Happy!!


  1. What lovely friends and your daughter for the surprise present! And all the lovely happenings Genevive - and the awful sadness in the middle of it all ... Rest well this weekend.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for being here; I am happy for everything in life, sadness/happiness are from the same coin, and I thank you for staying in touch.. I love good friends and good books :)

  2. Thank you, Angela! Your post makes me so happy - meeting friends, enjoying family time, and most of all, your daughter's thoughtful Valentine's Day gift! How sweet of her! I hope your test results came out okay. Your money plant looks wonderful! Stay blessed! Hugs!

    1. Hi Vidya ! I feel so privileged to connect with you here. yes its my family and friends who bring so much joy to me:) My test results are all normal,except I need to address the gall stone issue; for which I am already on homeo and have made some changes in my eating habits.. money plant brought excitement to my daughter... thanks again vidya you are my inspiration.

  3. Your post reminded me that I need to book my LPG cylinder too. :D
    Secret is a fantastic book and it actually works. Have you tried practicing it? The money plant looks good and so are the earrings... sweet of D! I watched Fitoor too and liked it a lot! :)

    1. HaHa... hope you have booked your LPG :) I enjoyed this book SECRET !! felt so motivated and energised at the end of completing the book... yes I did start practising it and am already, so many experiencing the fruits. Glad to have found this book.. made a lot of notes, thinking of making a post. and yes loving the money plant, now david has joined in watering it everyday.. my daughter is a fan of charles dickens and so Fitoor happened..loved the photography, presentation and yes I have always liked Tabu.. she acts very well..going with friends was fun :)

  4. I adore this gratitude post and the whole idea of it! We always have so much more to be grateful for then we often realize. Think I may start joining you in May after the Challenge.

    1. I am so happy to see you here friend, you are most welcome to join this challenge; its one of posts I just love to write, glad you liked this post, thanks for being here :)


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