November 24, 2015

Today’s Gratitude List November, 2015 + Gratitude Link Up

I am grateful for the celebration of St. Cecilia’s feast at our parish community; we had the bishop visiting our community, for the children were receiving their first holy communion. It was a grand affair with choir singing in 4 languages of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and English. The church was packed as it was our patron saints feast; we get to meet a lot of our parishioners on occasion like this.

I am grateful to students who trust me so much and reveal sensitive and very private issues troubling them; hoping to find solutions in a counseling session, which I feel very privileged and honoured to listen, that not only evokes compassion from within, but keeps altering my perceptions helping me understand them better and be of help to them.

I am grateful to our family doctor who is very concerned and always helps us to look for alternatives, focusing more on preventive health. My daughter is down with viral fever for the last 4 days and it’s been a tight schedule for both me and my husband taking turns to be with her and help her recover.

This reminds me to be grateful to my daughter’s friends who help her update with the notes of what she has missed in the class and keep informed about day’s work, in the evenings.

I am grateful for the invitation that I received to attend a school alumni function celebrating 30 years. This celebration brought to my mind beautiful memories of my own school days where I studied, filling me with thankfulness for all the teachers, sisters, class mates, friends, games period, singing period and the small canteen wherein we soul love to eat guavas, roasted peanuts, peas and coconut sweets were some of our favourite snacks.

It’s one year since my David’s younger brother passed away; and we  celebrated with gratitude his death anniversary, offering prayers, and mass for his soul to rest in peace and praying for his family. We also invited the extended family members for a fellowship meal after the Eucharistic celebration.
 I am also grateful to join some very inspiring bloggers to write a post on gratitude -  
The Wisdom of Gratitude – #1000Speak. 

 “Gratitude is more of a compliment to yourself than someone else” Raheel Farooq

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. Did I tell you that you are doing such a great job at guiding and counselling kids. Admire you for that! Hope your daughter gets well soon. Take care!

    1. Thanks shilpa for the compliment, you put a smile on my face and I can go on with this affirmation for long time, my daughter s better now, appreciate you !

  2. So sorry your daughter has been ill - I hope she feels better very soon! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gratitude list.

    1. my daughter is much better now Laurel, and I am glad to share my list, it only makes me happy !

  3. Hope your daughter gets better soon Genevive... flu is not nice. Would hot ginger water with lemon and honey help? What sweet friends to keep her updated with her schoolwork!
    Your students couldn't have a better person with whom to unburden their problems Genevive. I am sure THEY are grateful for your being ...

    1. she is better Susan, and hopefully she might get back to school tomorrow, not easy to try alternatives, only listens to the doctor, and yes I am thankful for her friends, for constantly updating her and its a very fulfilling experience to work at a counseling centre, and I learn so much, thanks for being here susan, its my pleasure to interact with you : hugs to you :)


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