November 30, 2015

November 2015 Gratitude Link & Link Up !


This list is inspired from Laurel Regan  

I am grateful for:

The discomforts in my body for it have brought in changes in my eating habits; I have included a lot of vegetables and fruits in my diet, and have re looked at my nutritional habits to stay healthy and fit.

Friends who could listen to some of my aches, pains and complains and even helped me find alternatives.

A good friend who is gynaecologist and always ready to help and takes the extra effort to check if all is well with me through messages and calls.

My colleagues with whom I can de stress; as listening can be very tiring and there have been continuous sessions at the centre, and last week mostly there were too many students who were feeling low, unexplained sadness and too much disturbed. Listening for a long period can cause headaches and some times energy level also goes down. I am blessed to have persons with whom I can vent.

For my home where I take all the liberty to make changes; in reorganizing things from one room to another, listen to some very good music and watch channels of my choice.

For the safety of the Sunday school children; wherein there was a fire accident in our parish, no life lost, except for the furniture’s that got burnt.

My eldest brother Raj; who is safe despite having a fall on the busy road in the main street, except for some minor scratches and slight injury above the eyes. It’s a miraculous escape from a disaster on the road; also thankful for the support he got from another brother’s family who were kind and hospitable.

For a death of a church member –To be able to see death as a healing process in life; when there is so much of suffering for the person and for their family members. At the same time reminding me again that we are not permanent resident of this earth and therefore to always strive to live life to the fullest.

Beginning of a new season in the church- ADVENT, a season of hope, peace, joy, love and sharing; a time to relook at our lives and give hope to the hopeless, glad to welcome this season with gratitude.

For all ability and capacity to balance work/life/relationships coping with all the discomforts and continuing to believe and walk in faith.

Wishing Peace & Hope for the coming month !


  1. Thank you for your inspiring list - I love how even aspects of the bad things in life have reasons for gratitude.

  2. Thanks Laurel for your compliments; am motivated by your lists:)

  3. What a lovely post, Angela... Indeed, even the darkest of times come with blessings, if we choose to look.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    1. so true Guilie, am glad you are here and thanks for the affirmation. It means a lot :)

  4. This is a lovely post Genevive thank you ... I agree there are blessings and gratitude to be found even in the darkest times although when we are really in that hole it is hard to find it.

    I'm glad Raj was not more seriously injured.

    Your posts always inspire me, thank you ...

    1. Thanks Susan I am blessed to have a person who is constantly affirming and encouraging, by Gods grace my brother Raj is better than before and appreciate you for your thoughtfulness:)


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