May 16, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 14

I am participating in  EVERYDAY GYAAN the 21 Day Challenge
May 1-21, 2015

Gratitude is riches!  Well said !

When I am grateful I feel very rich; I look at everything in myself and around me with awe and wonder; everyday is a brand new day ! every breath I take is new, I smile a lot and I feel a lot more happier and blessed.
It’s a great attitude to carry on in life; to always look for the good in every situation –  How I define  “Rich” is also very important. For me to be rich means:

·     To be able to smile always
To have a family that is caring, sharing  and of course even liberating to be myself
To be involved in a meaningful work
To have friends who motivate and inspire
To be able to laugh out loudly
To watch comedy with my daughter and husband
To volunteer for a cause and reach out to those who are vulnerable – youth /women
To have genuine relationships
To sit quietly and do nothing
To enjoy a movie with the loved ones
To glance the sky and smile at the flowers
To watch David   make chicken curry in the kitchen
To  see my daughter riding my bike
To relive moments – looking at the album and sharing lighter moments
Sending thank you notes to those who are generous
Acknowledge affirmations and give affirmations with love
To be able to sleep in peace everyday
To trust in the divine…
To be able to forgive …and let go ..
To write whenever I want to ...
Relax and enjoy life as it gives newer experiences daily..

All the above mentioned points makes me feel rich and happy for I am sure that, these are things not sold in the market of life ! I keep on adding to the list…. Whenever you want to complain, stop a while, pause and start looking at all those things you have, which cannot be purchased in a shop.  So now what makes you feel rich ? I would be glad to hear from you... .. and your comment will also add to my riches..


  1. Lovely list Genevive thank you, and a reminder of all that cannot be purchased! This morning it's a bright warm winter's day and I'm looking out at my garden seeing its beauty.

    1. Thanks Susan ! its my pleasure to hear from you; thanks for your affirming words, glad to know that you enjoying the beauty of the garden


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