April 20, 2015

Q – for Qutab Hotel

I was trying to figure which place should I take for Q –  I was thinking of queens land(Chennai) an amusement park, Qutubshahi tombs in Hyderabad and Qutabminar in Delhi. As I was deeply engrossed in this thinking, a name came to me by surprise Qutab Hotel, New Delhi, which is also  known as Clarion collections.

The month was October 2011 and I lost my son January, 2011.  I had still not recovered completely from the experience of loss. My friends had been very kind and supportive and helped me find a place where I could be busy and gradually cope with the loss of my son. I began working as a psychological counselor at the University; and also went every day to swim in the nearby pool in the university.

One fine day, my head called me and told me that I have to attend a workshop on Substance Abuse to be held in New Delhi from 13 -15 October, 2011.  I have stopped travelling after the arrival of my son Emmanuel in 2003 as my son needed special care, being a Down syndrome child… I never left Emmanuel for 7 years and always tried to find out ways and means to help him find a school. (Which was a challenge for me)

Now that he was no more; I was concerned about my daughter, so I was hesitant to travel and I told my head- I will not be able to travel, as my daughter is only 10 years and I have not left children and travelled.

She was insisting that I think about it, and also told me that I must learn to deal this issue  with my mind; and it will not be very difficult; I agreed and spoke to David (husband) and he had no problem to look after our daughter and he encouraged me to travel.

So here I was ready to fly to Delhi in an executive class; stayed at Qutab, now clarion collections – a very beautiful place and I had a great time, learning, meeting new people and also went shopping. 

The 13th of  October, was my wedding anniversary and for the first time I enjoyed being all by myself enjoying an Italian breakfast, a Punjabi lunch and a Chinese dinner…. I felt like a queen in this hotel where everything was provided, quite an expensive place; I would never chose this hotel, thinking about finances, I never planned and this experience just happened.

I am grateful for the opportunity I got from my workplace to travel to and fro by flight in an executive class and live at a 5 star hotel.

I relive these moments with gratitude…


  1. That was quite a unique pick for Q, Genevive. Loved to read about your experience and glad that you had such a great time.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

    1. Thanks shantala, I am glad you loved to read this post... I was so unsure whether this will go with my theme... appreciate you for being here..

  2. Genevive, there is such a lovely story of a Rabbi from olden times who was walking among his people. He came to a Down's Syndrome child and bowed before him. The people asked him why he bowed - he replied that this child is one of the holiest, who has been re-incarnated many many times and needs no further re-incarnation ..

    How lovely to travel to Qutab! the photos are lovely and the experience surely one of a life time to feel like a queen. You are a queen anyway!

    1. Thanks Susan for that Inspiring story, truly Emmanuel was such an angel, full of life with an infectious laughter, that I feel very privileged to have had him as my son.. am glad that I did everything possible to keep him healthy & happy, today I have no regrets and I cherish those wonderful 7 years, when he was with our family... to lose him, threw me out of balance .. despite all this life keeps offering new experiences and I am lucky to have had opportunity to travel and meet a lot of new people in my life... thanks for the compliment.. I remember Oprah winfrey quote "Be a Queen, Own your Power And Glory....


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