March 19, 2015

My Gratitude List for March, 2015

This post is written for Gratitude Circle for the month of March, 2015

I am glad for this exercise as it helps me to constantly focus on the positive aspects of my life and motivates me to remain constantly happy, healthy and fills me with gratitude.

Inaugural programme
Group Photo of participants

The month of March was a busy month, with my focus on co authoring a research presentation on a pilot programme implemented on violence against women by Young Women Association of India; it was a privilege for me to represent the YWCA at an International seminar held at American college, Madurai, Tamilnadu India.

I am very thankful for the opportunity given to me, to reflect and articulate the experience from a research angle and present it in the International seminar. I am happy to meet so many other participants and enjoyed listening to their presentations on various other issues related to women’s empowerment.

I am glad that our paper has been published in the international journal for  Human Rights… this is a useful exercise for me as I work in an academic institution, as it will add to my profile and will enhance my competency as a counselor.

PILLAR - Pallotine Institute of Lay Animation 
Open Meditation Hall
This opportunity led me to another place, which I had never been before and it was a refreshing break for me to stay at a quiet place, far away from home wherein I could just be myself doing nothing, meditating, enjoying the beauty of the mornings surrounded by hills, and a quiet place to sit and be by myself….. away from my kitchen and the daily routine work of cooking, cleaning, washing and rushing to work and rushing back home to continue what was left undone in the morning.

Meenakshi Temple
I visited the very popular and one of the oldest temples in Madurai, the Meenakshi temple for the second time in my life, and saw how much it has changed – a lot of shops have come up, and I picked up a few earrings for my daughter and also for my self. Madurai is also full of jasmine flowers, and one gets to see fresh flowers all the time, through out the day I found jasmines very fresh most of the women adorn their hair with jasmines, I was attracted to the  fresh jasmines, so bought and put it in my hair every day.
Kodaicanal, Madurai
 I visited kodaicanal and it was such a lovely feeling to be at this place, so well developed surrounded by natural beauty- hills, water falls, pleasant weather, and so much of carrots directly from the farm – I was happy to pick one bunch and brought it home, this place is also filled with boiled hot sweet corn to suit the cold weather, we went as a group enjoying the sweet corns, home made chocolates and hot cups of tea.

There are all types of food available, the north Indian thali, south Indian thali, Chinese Dominos pizzas and Tiffin centers with Dosa Idli Upma Pongal etc. we had lunch at a hotel, and ordered for the south Indian thali. I picked up two types tea leaves for David, as he loves tea.  I also picked up some spices and dry fruits from this place.

Kodaicanal Restaurant
South Indian meal
It was also very satisfying to renew some very old contacts, some of my friends whom I have not met for more than a decade, and another friend who has been a great companion to me for the last 3 decades… I enjoyed catching up with her and updated myself with what’s happening in her  life, and also sharing my own journey of what I have been involved with and how happy I was to meet her.

Me and my friend Theresa
I am happy and refreshed from these experiences and my gratitude level has remained high till date, despite a few challenging situations in the family – my husbands brother in law was diagnosed with bone cancer in the fourth stage and has been on treatment for the last 8 months.. he has become very sick and now the doctors have stopped all medication as it has affected his brain and it’s a sad situation for my sister in law who is looking after him at home and also managing her two year old child. we are regularly in touch with the family to offer prayer and encouragement.

We are having severe water problem in our apartment – but we are grateful to God for one of David’s friend person who brings in water for us on a regular basis and ensures that we have water for everything. So our day to day activities are not disturbed by shortage of water. We have enough to sustain ourselves daily.

My mother in law is now settled on her own; she has taken a place for rent and David has helped her with whatever she requires and ensures that she is lives a comfortable life.  . David visits her regularly and checks on any requirement, whether she requires grocery, snacks, milk & fruits.

My daughter has completed her exams and now she will be going to standard IX and now enjoying holidays for this month.  I am waiting for her results and also the books for the next class… I am happy that she has another two years to complete school.  She is independent in dealing with her own academic problems…. I only step in when she requires my help.

There's a lot more to write; I shall save it for a few more posts this month. 

Thanks to Vidya & Corinne for this Gratitude circle.  This has helped me focus  to write at least once a month.  I hope to improve and want to discipline myself to do a few more posts in a month… with next month A-Z blogging, am sure to connect with more bloggers and will be posting daily.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. Great to have so many things done isn't it?

  2. True, feel so happy and accomplished even before the month is ended.... thanks for stopping by, appreciate you !!

  3. You have accomplished so much this month. Prayers to your brother in law and his family. It is a difficult time

    1. Thanks for your prayers, I value and believe in prayers, and at this time we do require a lot of strength to deal with the situation... thanks again, I glad to connect with you here ...

  4. Hi G Angela! Nice to hear from you and know that even when things are challenging it is still possible to see the good and stay grateful. I hope things smooth out a bit for you as the days go by. Thank you for the great photos of your adventures and I look forward to hearing more in the future.... ~Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy, its great to hear from you, you are always encouraging and motivating and its such a pleasure to hear from you and thank you for your kind words and I do appreciate your comment..grateful for all the learning's I get from your blog..

  5. Genevive, I think I have told you earlier but I must say it again that you are doing a fab job by working on women's empowerment! You are truly inspiring! It is awesome that your work is taking you places! Great going! The food thali looks yum and is so tempting! I must head to the kitchen right away! :)

    1. Shilpa thank you so much, and I feel honoured to hear from you; as you are so positive and uplifting and I am so glad to be connected with you.. hope to stay in touch for this month as I love reading your posts, my works takes most of my time, yet I am proud to state that I derive my energy from reading a lot of inspiring posts, and your blog is one among my favourites... thanks again


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