February 21, 2015

Call for Compassion

When I think of this word compassion; the person who comes to my mind is the Lord Jesus Christ, brought up in a catholic faith, I always marvel at this great personality, who was extremely compassionate to every one around him.

I remember the parables from the bible, wherein he had compassion for people because they remained with him for three days, having nothing to eat; at another instance he felt compassion for the people as they were like sheep without a shepherd, when he went to the shore, he saw a large crowd and had compassion for them and healed the sick, moved with compassion Jesus touched their eyes and they regained sight. 
He made the lame walk, raised the dead to life, healed the leper.  Every thing Jesus did was out of compassion; compassion to the extent of forgiving the enemies and praying for those who persecuted him.
Working as a psychological counsellor in the university campus – it is very important to be kind and compassionate; as the students who come to the counselling centre are broken in many ways, they are away from home and most of them come from the rural background with agriculture as the family occupation.  Their families are economically backward and they are financially stressed.

The common issues they face are  adjustments, fear, anxiety, sadness, depression, relationship failure, violence and low self confidence, poor communication skills, too much competition, insecurity leading to loneliness, and low motivation.

I feel honoured when they just open up their hearts and display the weaker aspects of their lives and the struggles they face in dealing with their own issues, I  accept with great reverence and treat it as something very sacred.

The more I listen to the sad real stories of life; the greater I feel is the call to be compassionate; in today's  context wherein there is so much of violence every where, the daily newspaper is full of stories covering suicide, murder, rape, too much of negativity in our thoughts, hurting one another in the name of ideology, religion – there is a definite need to be kind, compassionate.  

Let us join together to spread love, peace and harmony around. I am glad to be writing this post for the 1000 speak for compassion, and appreciate all those who have participated by writing some very beautiful and motivational post, which has inspired me to do this post today.

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and
 the will to help others.” Albert Schweitzer

Be Blessed & Be Happy!



  1. I completely agree with you ....compassion brings happiness....thanks for sharing your lovely post with us.....:)

  2. You are welcome and I do appreciate you, thanks for being an inspiration....


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