November 2, 2014


All souls day for me is a reminder that none of us are here to stay; and death is inevitable, and nobody on this earth can escape death. Which motivates me to take every opportunity I get to make a difference in the lives of those whom I meet.

Often a smile, kind word, thank you note, a hug and sharing my resources / time can make a huge difference to those come into our lives, and also to the community we belong.

This day is also a day to remember my ancestors who are no longer here today; my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, my sister, my son and a few of my neighbors, friends, and colleagues who were once upon a time on this earth, are no more among us.

I want to be grateful for all that they have done, to make this earth a better place; all the love, peace, joy that they shared; everything that they taught is so much part of my life and my family. I am happy and feel honored and connected that I am not alone, in this journey of life, there have been people who walked ahead of me with faith, hope and courage and have reached a better state of life.

Hence I recommit myself once again to learn to live;
·         One Day at a time
·         To believe in myself
·         To forgive and let go of everything that binds me..
·         To focus on my strengths and be grateful to God
·         To take care of my thoughts, which I believe is very powerful…
·         To love and be loved by those around me...
·         To continue my journey in gratitude …

Be Blessed & Be Happy!!

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