October 11, 2014

Day 1 -Write a List - Rediscover your blogging Groove

I am glad to associate myself with Write Tribe. 

I thank Corinne for introducing me to Darren’s post; It did help me to begin in a small way. Here are 7 things in my life that keeps me motivated:

My Family
David my husband has been my biggest support; he has always been very accommodative, helpful and encouraging me to move ahead, be it my education, I could complete two post graduations (one in sociology and another one in psychology).  He also lends his helping hand in maintaining our house and sometimes even in cooking.  My daughter Dorothy is a joy for us, and brings in a lot of happiness and is my great motivator, full of life, fun, laughter and inspires us with her jokes, songs and dance.  My family has been my strength in whatever I do in my life.

My work
Work has always been very fulfilling in my life; as most of the time I chose to work in the service sector and working for more than two decades has made me happy.  I thank all those who have hired me, and provided a lot of opportunity for learning, I worked in one organization for 13 and half years in various capacities, traveled within the country, associated myself in workshops, training's and programmes.  I moved to another organization and worked for 7 years, and now I am in an University for the last 3 and half years, its been a long journey and work has always been my greatest motivator.

My Friends
Friends are the biggest blessings of my life, at every stage of my life I made good friends, who not only inspired, guided and pushed me to the next level to use my capacity, but have been my positive energy, as I kept moving on, I made new friends, and I continue to make even now; some of them have brought the best out of me; a few have helped me in decision making, some have stood by me at tough times of my life, enabling me to cope with all the struggles I faced, and a few have walked the extra mile to bring smile on my face… so I love my friends and I treat them like my extended family.

My students
The last 3 and  half years that I worked in the counseling centre has been very meaningful to me; as I encounter a lot of students who come with different problems.  Most of the times I am amazed at their simplicity and trust they place in me, as they open up their lives and share with faith…. I feel privileged to be associated, and I see so much of goodness in them.. .. an experience so divine that pushes me and helps me get stronger day by day motivating me to commit myself for service.

You (Bloggers)
I do not write regularly, even though I do make promises to myself; but I find difficult to strike a balance, meeting students, taking a session and being part of the training always takes priority, and with managing home and work, most of the times I procrastinate…. Despite all this whenever I read your posts I am inspired and I learn so much… so my friends I am glad to read your posts. Thanks for motivating me, otherwise i would not have been meeting you at write tribe…. Do appreciate all of you for your inspiring posts.

Plants /Garden
I have started enjoying myself in the nearby park with my daughter every day.  It’s a small beautiful park, full of trees, lovely lawn and space for children to play which is just 10 minutes’ walk from the place I live. I have begun to enjoy walking barefoot on the wet lawn; I take ten rounds around the walking path that is created.

I love the sound of children running around, laughing and making noises, there are also a few senior citizens who come and relax. Recently the colony committee had encouraged residents to take saplings from the garden to plant at home.

I was happy to take two different kinds of saplings and have put them in the pot, watching over, and watering it every day, feel good when I look at the green plants and now I have fallen in love with the green color, and it’s quite energizing and uplifting.

Thank you notes
Receiving Thank you notes!! I just love it…  I do not throw any thank you notes; I keep collecting them and love re reading them.  Of late I have been receiving a lot of thank you messages on emails and whats app from friends, students and colleagues.  It does make a lot of difference to me, and keeps reminding me to be thankful and stay grateful 24/7.  So most of the time, I am happy as gratitude keeps me happy and productive.

Hope to stay connected with you all! would also love to hear your thoughts ...

Be Blessed & Be  happy ! 



  1. Indeed there's nothing as fulfilling as working with young people n basking a diff! It's a thought thts been on my mind for a while now

    1. you are right ... and today I count it as my blessing for all struggles I faced as an adolescent and youth, the same struggles have become my strength and its very fulfilling now to work with the same....

  2. Replies
    1. Nice to hear from you ... a lot more can be added to the list to make it universal.... i just mentioned a few ..


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