October 14, 2014

Day 4 Link Posts

This post is written for Write Tribe – fourth day

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This post is linked  to forgiveness and gratitude,  from everydaygyaan.com/forgiveness-and-gratitude posted by Corinne ..

I strongly promote gratitude in my life; and believe that it is very important to be grateful for everything we have and possess in our lives. I found that being grateful has kept me positive and happy, despite a lot of challenges in my life…. I never underestimate the power of gratitude, and so I wanted it become a way of life for me; hence I am doing my best to sustain this attitude all the time.

Recently I attended a seminar, wherein a lady presented a research paper on the link between gratitude and forgiveness among the IT employees stating that forgiveness and gratitude are positive psychological characteristics that are connected to well-being.  She went on explain the research process as to how they arrived at the results.

Earlier in my life I did not connect gratitude and forgiveness-  as I looked at them separately..  Reading the blog reminded me of all the times, I found difficult to forgive myself for all the mistakes I made in my life and the pressure I put on myself to be perfect, thereby blocking myself to learning. 

In the process it was also a struggle for me to forgive others. I remember so many times I refused to let go of some experiences wherein I felt manipulated and exploited.  At the same time, I was completely aware that forgiveness is important to move ahead in my life… thanks to all those spiritual gurus whom I encountered in my life; and who helped me understand the value of forgiveness and letting go of the past. 

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Louise Hay in her book “You can Heal Yourself teaches to let go of the past, and encourages to make the right choice, which can impact and influence the future.  The positive affirmations that is suggested is mostly on love, peace, acceptance and harmony in ourselves, others and in and around the world.

Now when I look back at those persons and events that brought pain into my life, I realize the very same experiences have helped me to move on, find alternatives, and explore possibilities in understanding myself better, value those who love and care; enabling me to become a little more wiser, to see my own contributions to the situations that I have created.  

So in a way I am thankful for every experience and every person for  providing me lessons, otherwise I would not have learnt. Gratitude leads one to be  generous enough to forgive everyone and everything, thus setting oneself free from within in the process of finding our purpose for existence.

I renew my choice to forgive myself and others every day of my life  & I renew myself to continue  my journey  with gratitude !!

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I managed the fourth day post for Write Tribe … .. grateful to all of you, for inspiring…. I am sorry I am finding difficult to read your posts with my existing tight schedule, however  I will make  time to visit your blogs ! 

Be Blessed & Be Happy !!


  1. So important to be grateful and forgive ourselves and others..It's like a weight lifting from our chest..

    Random Thoughts Naba..Link Some Inspiration Today...

    1. Not only weight being lifted, we can travel light and longer distance too.. as it directly contributes to our own well being.. thanks for stopping by..

  2. Well said, Genevive. Gratitude and Forgiveness go hand in hand. They say, forgiveness is a form of gratitude. When we forgive others, we show them the mercy that we have often received and been thankful for.

    1. Perfect Shilpa ! just love your expressions.... there is a beautiful prayer called the Our Father, which has a line that says, forgive us of our sins, so that we may forgive those who sin against us ...


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