September 6, 2014

Teacher’s Day!

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This day was very meaningful to me, the reason being that the celebration was done in my work place, which I am part of and as a part of the celebration; 4 generations of teachers were honored.  It was a beautiful sight and also overwhelming response to see the great grand teachers returning to the university, and inspiring the students.

As I sat down and listened to them, so many images of my own teachers came to my mind, and filled me with gratitude, whatever I am today in my life, I owe a lot to all those teachers who have mentored me; who have been my guide; my help; my guru. 

I recalled my school days, the teachers who made such an impact on my life, with not only giving knowledge but also by being kind and gentle, taught me to smile at all times, to fight and never give up easily but work hard in reaching the goal.

courtesy free images from Google
In college, my life was so different, a mix of emotions happy and sad, there were restrictions as well as freedom; there were friends to motivate; dreams to achieve and faith to pursue and persist. The best part was the teachers who were always supportive, encouraging, teaching and instilling and inspiring me to believe in myself, to initiative, participate and be of service.

I feel so blessed to have so many teachers in my life, who came into my life at various times and taught me lessons that otherwise I would not have learnt, my teachers came in the form of friends, spiritual guides, gurus who lead to look into myself and challenged me to take the inward journey. 

Today I want acknowledge them in my life, and say a big “THANKS” I have learnt so much, and continue to learn even now… I have become a perpetual learner paying forward whatever I have received in life.

My love and prayers for all my teachers!

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