March 11, 2014

Affirming Myself !

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I am reading this quote today and feeling very good.  I have read the same quote so many times, and each time it’s been a different experience.  My response to this quote has been evolving too. Earlier when I read this, it made me change some aspects of myself and led me to focus on taking time for myself, creating space to meditate, reflect and focus on all those things that mattered to me.

Now when I look at this quote, it gives me confidence, courage and confirmation to believe in myself, and to appreciate and affirm myself in whatever I have been doing in the past, whatever I have learnt, and wherever I have reached in my life.

Few years ago, it would have been very difficult for me even to believe that I deserve love and affection, as my focus was always towards others in my life. It was so natural to be worried about everyone’s feelings and needs at the expense of my own.  Which means it is ok for me to be sad, hurt and disappointed but not anyone else in my life.

The message I am giving is that “I don’t matter” and all the others in my life are very important, leading to feelings of anger, resentment, frustration and blaming. 

What I am forgetting is that I am responsible for every situation that I am in; I have given power to everyone around me to utilize my services, without letting them know my boundaries.

I stop for a while ……. Smile for a few seconds….. Breathe……. Deeply ……. focus on myself and once again affirm “I myself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve love and affection”

Be Happy !

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