April 12, 2016

J– Journey Together

I have chosen 26 tips for married life as my theme for the
A-Z challenge 2016.
 Today’s word is J – Journey Together

I updated my post which I have written for my anniversary and reposted it here again. I have been running around handling too many things both at home and office. I thought this would help me keep to the date.  I have made a few changes to make it relevant for today’s letter - J

Our lives are a journey we take from birth till death; some of us have journey’s end in a short while and some of us continue in a journey for a longer period of time. Marriage too is a journey taken by two persons who decide to commit themselves to a life of togetherness for a life time. When I began my journey into marital life I did feel very insecure (being an arranged marriage) and did not know what will be like living with the person and his family, who are in no way related to our family and also total strangers. 

our wedding photo 13 October, 1999
My mother stood by me and convinced me that everything will be fine once I made the decision. Accordingly I started a new phase of my journey and there were so many adjustments I needed in altering my routines to my lifestyle and the new environment.

Gradually I opened myself to new experiences from being Ms. to Mrs. and from Mrs. to Mother to my kids and along this journey, I became daughter in law, sister in law and evolved identity and roles that gave me comfort sometimes, discomfort at other times,  some times stress, pressure  to live up to expectations of those around me.
with my daughter at a wedding party
There is still so much more to learn from each other, and we continue our journey in faith, hope and gratitude.  Our children Maria Dorothy and Mario Emmanuel have been a great source of joy and support to us.  Unfortunately my son’s journey ended when he was only seven years old. We do not know how long our journey together will last; but one thing I am sure, I would love to leave behind beautiful memories to my daughter and friends.
Our son Emmanuel, daughter Maria Dorothy at a shrine in Bangalore
We have had people who were with us when we started our journey together and continued becoming lifelong partners; some of them have moved away due to misunderstandings, transfer and promotion, illness and death. Still some more became good friends giving us love, joy, happiness, fun and laughter, these people were there for a specified time and they were meant to be with us to renew and energize us. The others who came along taught and helped us to find meaning of faith, hope and love. To trust each other, to enable and lead each other to what the Lord has in store for us. So every day  we start fresh welcoming the new day, continuing our journey  leaving the past behind, making a new beginning of our life together with gratitude!

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I am grateful to all you lovely readers for listening to me; and also being a part of my journey in this challenge year after year.

Thanks for being here J


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  2. Happy Anniversay and wish you happiness and blessings always. Apologies I used my other profile to add the comment - you would wonder who ila is so removed it.

    1. Thanks Suzy, thats so kind of you, I just saw this comment, sorry for responding to you late, appreciate and thank you again, god bless !

  3. Life's journey has such wonderful adventures.

    Alex's Ninja Minion

    1. absolutely :) welcome here and appreciate you for your comment.

  4. Journeys end, but memories stay. Our lives are really nothing but a long series of memories.
    Glad to join you in your journey, G Angela! :)
    - Chicky @ www.mysteriouskaddu.com

    1. Rightly said, ultimately we will be left only with memories we have created.. thanks dear for your encouraging words :)

  5. Wishing you and David the very best in this wonderful journey of life. Stay blessed and happy together, always ♥

    1. Thanks shilpa, I saw this now and sorry for the delay in responding. Appreciate your kind words:)


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