August 2, 2013


Last week I passed by Satyodayam Retreat House, a place which is for retreat, for anyone who wants to spend quiet time by himself/herself re looking at life, and making the necessary changes, and then move on with renewed enthusiasm.

It  was raining,  lovely weather and the road was clean and smooth for  riding, as I was reaching my work place, a lot of thoughts about my past were flooding me – I went down the memory lane, wherein once upon a time this same retreat house was my second home.

I had spent so much of my time here listening to myself, listening to Jesuit priests, friends, and also communicating and learning so much with those around me and also to those who came there for a retreat.
I feel so blessed when I think of those days in my life, wherein my primary goal was to share my faith experience with every young person I met in my life. 

I was part of a group that consisted of young people who had a deep faith experience, and were eager to share their success story of how they dealt with their own problems and found meaning and purpose in life.

So began my journey of sharing my own faith, with every young person I met, and my life was full of enthusiasm, happiness and contentment. I expressed myself with singing, dancing, sharing, journalling  thanksgiving, showing gratitude, appreciating, reading the bible, and taking inspiration from those around me.

It’s been a long journey in life and I continue to remain grateful for everything that has gone by, everything has changed around me, I have grown in age, been married, had two kids, lost one child changed jobs, explored new possibilities of living my life  and I keep moving on.

I am not what I was, for every experience has shaped me into what I am – despite my discomforts, struggles, setbacks and changes - I chose to remain happy and grateful, it’s the same retreat house that stood still, calm and welcoming and it’s me not the same any more, but definitely full of gratitude for my connections to this place, I am hoping to take a retreat once again, to stop by and take a look into my life, and lead where my heart wants to .......

Its great to be grateful !


  1. Oh lovely, Janet. I hope you missed me!! What memories. :)

    1. Corinne, if you could only peep into my heart, I miss you so much here. I was just laughing thinking about a few funny incidents with you at this place, your terrific sense of humour fills me with joy even now, you are one of those rarest friends who can bring so much light even from a distance, lots of love corinne - you made my day, glad to be connected. Hugs !!

  2. I've just come across your blog and it is lovely, I love the way you write and your feelings on Gratitude, your love shines through in your posts. If you would like to follow me back I'm at, blessings to you, Alison xx

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and appreciate your kind words !!


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