June 30, 2013

Balance & Harmony

This year 2013 I made no plans, no resolutions, was just happy and relaxed to enter this year with faith hope and enthusiasm.  I had taken a week’s break for Christmas with my family and came back refreshed. 

Somehow things have started falling back in place after my son’s death, its like he has sorted out everything for me – everything was just happening and I was led to do things which are very important for my life.

Gone are the days, where I used to make “to do list” and religiously tried to tick off as I accomplished one after another. Now it just happens, I keep looking at what’s most important, and automatically I move on accomplishing the important activities…… I feel content and in harmony when :

  • I no more feel guilty of   saying no to activities that does not inspire me.
  • I refuse to be in the company of persons who sap my energy with their negative thinking and negative attitude towards life.
  • I feel happy to do things that brings happiness to me
  • I do not work with pressure, just because I have to or to please my friends or authorities.
  • I take an honest look and respond to those activities I feel called to strongly from within.
  • I am glad that today my life  revolves around my commitment to family-being loved and allowing my self to be loved;
  • I work for a cause, and find fulfillment in reaching out to students who come with a variety of problems;
  • I take time to be with myself – I swim (just love this activity, and I refuse to comprise this time),
  • I walk (enjoy affirming myself as I walk and stretch every morning)
  • I meditate (my day is not complete with this – I feel so much energized).
  • I watch comedy with my daughter (which makes me feel lighter after a busy day).
  • I pray every day along with my family (which strengthens my faith and keeps us secure and together).
  • I read a lot of my academic books- to understand my subjects, and do my assignments, and complete my exam)

I have so much more to accomplish – I take my time, being gentle and kind with myself and live one day at a time.

6 months have gone, and I am so happy to have accomplished so much in the last 6 months.  This gives me gratitude and pushes me to keep moving, as there is so much more to accomplish.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony  
Thomas Merton”

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