May 4, 2013


Dorothy took this from the wedding album
 This Tuesday 30 April was the birthday of my husband David. Maria Dorothy our daughter was quite excited about celebrating, and she went on planning for the day, in order to make it very special for her father. After exploring many options of going out, with her father and me, she finally decided for a movie at the nearby theatre and then a small celebration with cake cutting and dinner at home.

I and David took permission to leave early from work, so that we go for a movie along with my daughter and niece. We went for a Telugu movie, which was light entertainment, and then came back for  prayers, cake cutting, and a quick dinner was served.  

Dorothy prepared a small programme for her father. She formally welcomed us, and told us that she would like to sing a song for her dad. 

She surprised all of us by singing a beautiful prayer song with actions. 
Later she picked up her dad’s favorite song and danced for her dad. 

After which she invited me to speak a few words about her dad, for the first time in my life, I stood and told my husband how special and lovable he was, and how much I appreciate him in my life, and recalled a few moments to tell him that I was happy and proud to have him in my life, and I pray for God’s abundant blessings on him.

I could see my husband eyes moist and wet.  Then Dorothy invited my niece Rachael to share a few words. 

Racheal was happy to share, and thanked him for his generosity and helpful nature, and above all appreciated the faith he had in God. 

Finally Dorothy spoke and appreciated her father, telling him what a wonderful person he was, and how lucky she is to have a father like him. She thanked him for all those moments of her life, when he made her feel special. Then she hugged and kissed him on his cheeks and told him that she will ask the Lord to bless him with many more birthdays.

At the end of the 45 minutes programme, we were speech less; David was touched and could not hold his tears. I did not know what to tell her, but I was filled with gratitude to see my daughter express herself, it was my turn to hug her and tell her! How proud I was to be her mom.

She told me something which really touched my heart, Mamma! You see what a wonderful programme we had without spending a single rupee!! I agreed with her, for I was happy that my daughter has learnt to value experiences which money can never buy. 

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. afterall daddies are gals first love rt :)

    1. So true ! daddy will do anything for his daughter, and daughter loves the attention ! thanks for your comments, I have been away for a minor surgery, recovering slowly...


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