July 27, 2012

Being Thankful for Strangers

This morning I had an overwhelming experience of gratitude from people who I do not know, and have never met, for they were strangers to me.

I started this morning  as usual after having completing all my work at home, to leave for office on my bike, while riding for half a kilometer I realized that I had left my pen drive at home, so I took a turn on the road to go back home to pick up my pen drive.  While I took a u turn my bike suddenly stopped.  I tried to kick start my bike, but it wouldn’t start. 

 So I waited few minutes, and kept trying and trying again for the next 15 minutes, but the bike would not start. I started getting irritated, I came out with a very fresh mind, and had a  "To Do List "to be done for the day, and I was all excited to reach my office a little early, so that I would have some time for myself, before I begin my work.  And here I was stuck on the road side with my bike.

While I was still trying to kick start my bike, I saw an elderly gentleman coming towards me, and advised me to put my bike on a stand and then kick, being a heavy bike, he helped me to put it on the stand and left. I tried again with renewed hope that the bike would start, but it did not, while I was getting frustrated with many attempts.

I found across the road side, a couple and a young girl watching me from their balcony, I felt  embarrassed despite that feeling I continued helplessly kick the bike with all my strength. Suddenly the young girl and the lady started waving at me asking me to stop for 5 minutes.

So I stopped and looked at them, and lady told me, that somebody is coming down to help me, I felt very happy and thankful for them, and I waited thinking that the man would come down, I continued to kick despite their request, hoping it would start, but did not succeed.

In  the next few minutes  I saw two young mechanics coming near me, they had come to help me, the man in the balcony  had called a mechanic from the Honda showroom nearby,  asking them to help me get my bike started. The mechanic came and in just few minutes, he got the bike started, and all three of them in the balcony smiled, I waved back, thanking them and continued my ride to reach my office.

This was a very small incident, but impacted me so much, that I kept thinking about it again and again, and was not able to get over this feeling of thanks; I was filled with so much happiness that tears started flowing from my eyes, for I am still thinking in my heart, how can a total strangers be so kind.  I started blessing them in my mind; I found my positive vibes of gratitude moving out from me reaching them.

I am still recovering from that feeling of how can a strangers  be so kind. Especially in the morning hours there is so much of traffic and every one is busy reaching there destination, it is difficult to find some people who can stop to reach out to someone whom they are not related and do not know at all.

I learnt something from them today, to be generous and kind  to all, even if they are strangers. if we care enough, we  will always find opportunities to surprise. I am renewed by this experience and look forward for the smallest opportunity to reach out, and continue my journey of thanksgiving,  how about you? did you have such experiences ? I would love to hear from you....

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. How one small act of kindness can change a 'bad' experience in to something so memorable! Thank you for sharing, Janet. I will reflect on this today.

  2. you are welcome corinne ! there is so much to learn, and thanks for stopping by!


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